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FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK Like many non-profit organizations at this time of year, Senior Resource Association is busy preparing for the upcoming winter season. We’ve spent countless hours anticipating and estimating the needs of seniors and their families throughout Indian River County. And there is no doubt that the demand for our services is growing by leaps and bounds. By the same token, without the generous contributions of our donors and volunteers our outlook for the upcoming year would be immensely different. It’s also why our second issue of SRAinformed focuses on philanthropy and appropriate gifting at any age. Philanthropy by definition is the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people. Giving to others and volunteering of ones time can happen at any age – and now, more than ever, communities need to come together in solidarity to help their fellow neighbors. Our goal with each monthly issue of SRAinformed is to engage you in new and inspiring ways, and encourage you to share our progressive view on everything related to senior care. Please share this publication with your friends and family. You never know when the resource will help a family or senior in need. You can also stay connected by tuning in to our weekly radio show each Wednesday at 5:30pm on 107.9FM. Visit our new website at Follow us on Facebook. And plan to join us at any of our events this season. We welcome your participation anytime, anywhere! Sincerely, Karen B. Rose Deigl CEO and President SENIORRESOURCEASSOCIATION.ORG 3