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Secrets of a well-balanced caregiver Recognizing the attributes of caregiving, and seeking advice and support throughout the process is key to keeping a well-balanced outlook. HOLD FAMILY MEETINGS. Gather key relatives together on a regular basis to help share the caregiving roles. As with any responsibility, sharing the work makes life a bit easier. TAKE BREAKS. Try asking a friend or neighbor to volunteer a little time to care for your loved one for an afternoon or a weekend periodically. Use the time to do something you enjoy. ASK FOR HELP. If you are the primary caregiver, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for assistance by giving them a few “to do” items from your list. You deserve it. STAY CONNECTED. It’s easy to lose track of friends when your life is filled with round-the-clock caregiving. Isolation increases stress, so welcome every opportunity to catch up with friends. And remember, you can stay connected with friends even at a distance. (e.g. Skype is a great way to live chat privately from anywhere in the world.) CONSIDER YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH. Eat nutritious meals and make time to exercise – even if it’s just a walk along the beach or around the neighborhood. SENIORRESOURCEASSOCIATION.ORG 9