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SORE POINT #5: OVERWHELMING CARE TASKS Perhaps the most difficult home-care deal-breakers are practical matters that go beyond the caregiver’s ability to manage. Both urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence, for example, are among leading causes of nursing-home placement. A small or frail wife of a big man who needs help is another tough scenario. Although these situations may end where care has to be in a facility, sometimes a solution exists that allows home care to continue. SOLUTIONS: Be sure there’s been a thorough physical exam to see if a problem, such as inconti- nence, is fixable. Adult diapers and toileting schedules, or a change in medications, may make incontinence more manageable. Frequent falls and problems getting up are other physiological problems that may be treatable. Explore whether bringing in more help, such as personal care assistants or nurse aides, can buy time and get you through difficult challenges (such as bathing and dressing). n Don’t try to solve the problem alone. Brainstorm possible solutions with other family members, a social worker or geriatric care manager, doctors, and friends – including virtual ones who may have experienced similar issues. n If you’ve explored every option and things still aren’t working, ask yourself if you’re resisting out-of-home placement because of guilt. Once you determine why you’re being so persistent about not making a change, you may be better able to spend emotional energy enjoying your loved one again. n n Fo "&Vf&77VW27V62vFW&rV&FR&62v2FFG&W72FR&&VТRrf"&262&VGV6r熖WG@6VRbFWRFffW&V6Rf'GVFVǒFR6&VvfrWGv&@7W'Bf"6&VvfW'22w&vr&vBW&PF&fW"6VGB6V"&W6W&6P766FvR6FVǒ7G&fRF&6Pv&VW72B66W76&ƗGF7B`6W'f6W26VFrWG&F&w&2GV@F6&R&W7FRBG&7'FFf FRvVW&V&Ɩ2BFRG&7'FFF6GfFvVBbW"&v旦FFW0BffW"FR6W'f6RVVFVBvR&fFPf&FB&VfW'&2f"FW &v旦F2B&fW766W'f6W2f"&Rf&F&WB66&Vvfr7W'Bw&W2FFR&W7FRf"6&VvfW'2@FW"VgV&W6W&6W26F7B6V"&W6W&6R766F@ss"Scsc"f7&&p4T%$U4U$4T544D$