Squad: The Calling of the Common Hero - Page 58

1995 Several friends and colleagues of Abdu’Allah die as a result of gun violence. Abdu’Allah signs with Agency Gallery. The Last Supper is selected and curated by Melanie Keen at the Royal College of Art curatorial program for the Make Believe exhibition. 1996 Group show: Radical (see http://faisalabduallah. com/publications/), OK Center, Linz, Austria. Tupac Shakur is murdered. Appears in the BBC documentary “Art of Identity.” 1997 Heads of State exhibit is created in reaction to the spate of killings around Abdu’Allah studio in 1995. The Notorious B.I.G. is murdered, days later his best selling album Life after Death is released. 1998 Group show: Transforming the C ɽݸ