Squad: The Calling of the Common Hero - Page 16

over, this capability is fundamentally acquired through an awareness of self and an awakening of latent qualities inside each of us. Tapping into the intangible, members of Squad embody resistance to the confines of culture that otherwise would impede their true potential. Abdu’Allah’s works establish themselves as more than ordinary images once the viewer obtains a greater understanding of the various levels within the process of selection. The selection process inherent in The Last Supper I and The Last Supper II, Adeve, and Squad is illuminated as issues of representation and identity surface, asking the viewer to consider how they view themselves and how others view them. Without participating in this project, I would not have come to realize my own bravery and confidence. What lies beneath the façade of an individual—or group of individuals—is greater than what appears on the surface. Within the context of Abdu’Allah’s works, conclusions cannot be reached with a purely visual examination of an individual. To understand the inherent qualities of the individuals in Abdu’Allah’s works, a personal exchange must occur. — Mikayla Lofton 12 Squad