Squad: The Calling of the Common Hero - Page 13

When Selection Becomes Salient: Discovering the Spectrum of Selection in the Work of Faisal Abdu’Allah F amiliar sights are abundant in Faisal Abdu’Allah’s work but these familiar sights are found in unfamiliar contexts. By juxtaposing these two elements in his work, Abdu’Allah poses hypothetical questions to his viewers and consequently asks them to contemplate the inexplicable through the presentation of ordinary individuals in unlikely settings. Each of Abdu’Allah’s works considered here contains elements of the process of artistic selection. The process of selection is evident in The Last Supper I and The Last Supper II (1996/2011) (p. 17–19), Adeve (2012) (fig. 1), and Squad (2015) (p. 20–41), which represent positions on a spectrum of selection. On one end, the artist has total control over decisions in an artwork’s making. On the other end, the artist relinquishes his choices. While addressing issues of representation and identity, these three works of art by Abdu’Allah represent different locations along this selection spectrum, marking the arti