Squad: The Calling of the Common Hero - Page 11

What is Squad? S quad exists as an enigmatic manifestation of the complex relationships we have with others and with the hero that we disguise within ourselves. No matter how abstract, no matter how seemingly dormant or deeply buried, there is an undeniable element in every human that rears its head every time we present ourselves and every time we make a decision. Each time we make a choice, we act as an advocate. Regardless of how important or how insignificant, our preferences reveal parts of our inner selves that give subtle—or sometimes not so subtle—hints to others about what we fight for and what we hold most dear. to join the same team and to accomplish the same goals. These are our comrades. This is our Squad. Though each member has a distinct character of his or her own, now, the eleven members function as a single entity. Promoting the hero that lies within each person—whether on display or on the street—Squad challenges viewers to reconsider how they see themselves, their friends, and the strangers around them.  — Anais Reyes This is arguably most visible through the people with whom we decide to surround ourselves: the people we choose to build relationships with, the people we choose to trust, the people we strive to protect. We are serendipitously brought together by an intangible connection that pulls us toward similar acts, methods of being, and ways of expressing our humanity. We are brought together Left: Faisal Abdu’Allah and the Squad Collective, “Mosgaadace,” Lead Hummingbird from the Sky (detail), 2015 7