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Letter From Our President You will be introduced to our most recent Blue & Yellow members David Larsson and Paul Scheuritzel with Larsson & Scheuritzel, P.C, and you can read about some great initiatives from our two crown member SCA, and their involvement in the 2014/2015 Volvo Ocean Race. Some of the activities from this spring included in this issue are the talk on American and Swedish politics from Swedish author and journalist Klas Bergman, as well as our third annual Hockey Night, where we introduced new members to the SACC-Philadelphia community. SACC-Philadelphia is thankful for having hard working and contributing interns from Sweden with our Chamber in 2015. These interns included Sofie Ågren, Isabella Gillström, and Charlotte Isberg. Our internship program has continued to be a valuable experience for our interns and the Chamber. We look forward to welcoming our new interns in the second half of 2015. Finally, I would like to thank our members for your continued support. David W. Engstrom President, SACC-Philadelphia 7 SACC-PHILADELPHIA It has been my pleasure and honor to serve as President of SACC-Philadelphia. We hope you enjoy reading our latest edition of SACC-Philadelphia Update (“SPU”), which highlights several successful events and activities from the first half of 2015. letter from our president Dear Members of SACC-Philadelphia,