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Intern Focus Sofie was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and is currently undertaking a Bachelor degree in Business and Economics, specializing in finance and accounting, at the Stockholm School of Economics. Sofie has recently completed an internship within Corporate Finance at Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) and last summer she completed an internship within the Finance Department at the Royal Bank of Scotland. These internships have made her well prepared for the tasks as the Finance Intern of the Chamber. Being offered the chance to move to Philadelphia and work at the Chamber, Sofie looks forward to learn more about the American business culture and the relationship with Swedish companies. Sofie Karlquist Before Sofie was born, her family lived in Washington D.C. and the family has stayed in close contact with American friends and colleagues throughout the years. With numerous visits back to the country, Sofie has wanted to get a greater experience of the American culture, lifestyle and business environment which is the reason for applying for an internship at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce. She is looking forward to experience all what Philadelphia and the Chamber has to offer. Johanna was born in Stockholm, Sweden but has from a young age been exposed to an international environment as she partly grew up in Germany, easily adapting to the German culture and language. Later on in life she had the opportunity to return to Germany and pursued an internship in marketing in Berlin. She has also lived and worked as an Au Pair in San Francisco. Johanna has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Jönköping International Business School, Sweden, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business and Economics with a focus on Management of International Business at Uppsala University, Sweden. Johanna hopes to further broaden her knowledge and understanding of international business while gaining practical experience in the field. She is certain that her internship as a Marketing Manager at SACC Philadelphia will complement her academic studies and provide her with new and insightful knowledge on how to facilitate business between the U.S. and Sweden. Johanna Sabel intern focus arriving 21 SACC-PHILADELPHIA I nterns