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Food “This is definitely better than expected since I never really knew about this job. I never applied to the position as the private chef to the ambassador, and because of that I use to say that I have the dream job I never dreamt of.” n food Shortly after coming back to Sweden after her adventures in New Zealand, Frida was involved in a serious car accident that almost took her life. At that time, she was working for Ola Andersson at the Park Avenue Café in her hometown of Gothenburg, and he was aware of her willingness to work abroad. One day, she got the question if she would be interested in going to Washington. The only information Mr. Andersson gave her was a note that said “Leif M” followed by a phone number. Although she felt there was a small chance that the number could belong to the well renowned Swedish chef Leif Mannerström, she describes it as “a moment” when she heard his voice on the other end of the line. The previous Ambassador of Sweden to the United States, Jonas Hafström, and his wife, were good friends of Mr. Mannerström and asked him to find a new chef to work at their residence in D.C. After the call, Frida had a successful interview with Mr. Mannerström and was chosen for the job right. Frida’s grandmother’s cookbook - the original Sju Sorters Kakor (English book title: Swedish Cakes and Cookies). Frida is as fast as ever, chopping kumquats. Frida had always dreamt of visiting the United States, even if she had never been here when she received the phone call. So when she boarded the plane to Washington, D.C., it was definitely a new, exciting adventure that was about to start. When I ask Frida what she likes most about her job in the States, she shines up and says; “It’s the endless opportunities that come with it. I’ve been asked to participate in cooking shows such as “Landgång” on the Swedish television SVT, and also on Fox News. I had no clue I would be given such great opportunities.” Frida’s kanelbullar. TEXT: Charlotte Isberg PHOTOS: Sofie Ågren SACC-PHILADELPHIA 19