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Business is borne by the environment and the healthcare system. If the price of fossil fuel rises, I believe that farms that are using sustainable methods and have healthy soils will be the cheap option in the future. So it all depends on your time horizon… I am looking at profitability further into the future. The conversation continues with the current topic of urban farming, and questions about what part urban farms play in the development of sustainable farming. Wyebrook Farm restaurant. business Do you believe urban farming is sustainable? Should cities invest in these types of farms? - I think they are all part of the solution. I believe that when oil is $500/barrel food will be organic and local by default! We will grow food in and around cities and people will move back into more rural places. I think its great that people produce some portion of their food themselves. They have to take control of their own food supply to some degree. 17 SACC-PHILADELPHIA Dean expresses concern about newer types of urban farming such as aquacultures, where the farm system is not based on soil but on water. The nutrition that comes from the soil and the organisms living within it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to replace or replicate in a sustainable manner. Issues that will have to be resolved is the fact that these type of farms are not suited for large scale. Wyebrook Farm would not function on 10’000 acres. However the system is replicable! Wyebrook Farm retail store. How can larger corporations invest in sustainable farming? - We need more farmers, and that is a good thing. It’s a great way to spend your life! In the US, it would be possible to feed people this way. If industrial farmland was put into a perennial pasture system, then we could produce enough food this way. Ultimately ѡ