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Member Spotlight Team SCA and the Volvo Ocean Race member spotlight “It is not just being great at what you do, but it is also about being a great team member” – Amy Bellcourt SACC-PHILADELPHIA 12 Team SCA after arriving in Gothenburg, Sweden Defying the rainy weather that welcomed the competing boats as they crossed the finish line of the 2014/2015 Volvo Ocean Race, a happy and cheerful crowd greeted the eight sailboats as they sailed into Gothenburg, Sweden on June 22nd. SACC-Philadelphia’s Two Crown member SCA and their all-female Team SCA crossed the finish line as in 6th place and the first all-female team competing in over 10 years. SACC-Philadelphia spoke to Amy Bellcourt, Vice President of Communications at SCA Americas, about the decision to support an all-female team and how the initiative connects to the company’s CSR program. Many people might not realize it, but they see and use SCA products on a daily basis; at your local Dunkin’ Donuts, at stores like CVS, or in your office. SCA is a leading producer of global hygiene and forest products, and has set trends in sustainable production since its establishment in Sweden in 1929 with product lines such as TORK, hygiene products including paper towels, napkins and toilet tissues; and TENA, a line of adult incontinence products. The company’s innovations in biodegradable and sustainable fibers stems from a strong history of preservation, an ethical production process and adapting to the times. When SCA Americas moved their headquarters to Philadelphia in 2006, the offices were the first in the city to receive the Gold LEED (Leadership and Energy and Environmental Design) certification for sustainable and green office design. Amy points out that this was an important commitment to make and a step in continuing the sustainable development within SCA. Since then the trend has taken of and many offices in Philadelphia, including the Comcast Center, are now striving to become LEED certified. SCA is a corporation with sales in about 100 countries and constantly looking for possibilities to help people understand who SCA is, and recognize their brand as ethical and responsible. The search for innovative promotional opportunities resulted in a decision to participate with a team in the 2014/2015 Volvo Ocean Race. The prospect to promote the SCA values throughout a nine-month period on a global platform became an apparent next step. SCA announced their official participation in the 2014/2015 Volvo Ocean Race three years ago, and was the first corporation to do so, and the decision to recruit an all-female team was made at the start. Hundreds of applicants from around the world were narrowed down to a team of 13. SCA then set up a training camp in Lanzarote for the final team to train and sail together with the goal to create a team of the best people from around the globe that would work effectively together. This idea of collective success is something that resonates with the organizational culture of SCA, and sponsoring an all-female team gave the company an opportunity to realize those values on an international platform. SCA’s extensive CSR program showcase a unique involvement on issues of sustainability and social development projects, and empowering women is definitely a natural part of that. Women are one of the largest target audiences for the SCA products, and this increases the value of focusing on gender equality projects. To realize aspects of the CSR program, SCA hosted multiple events at many of the stopovers throughout the 2014/2015 Volvo Ocean Race. During the US stopover in Newport, RI, in the beginning of May this year, SCA hosted a tree-planting event with local girl scouts as a part