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Member Spotlight Mr. Scheuritzel: Another reason I believe it is great to work with Swedes is that they have a different business culture and value things differently than in America, and that has taught me a lot. Mr. Scheuritzel: When I compare doing business in America and in Sweden, I feel that Swedes and Europeans are more broad-minded and look longer into the future. The emphasis is not just on economic values. They also value the preservation of nature, corporate and social responsibility, and fairness. The emphasis is on doing the right thing, whether policy-, environmental-, or labor-wise. Mr. Larsson: Speaking of fairness, I have this specific memory from when I was working with a Swedish client who was negotiating with a builder, and they were talking about money. The client told the builder, “I can’t pay you this much because then I’d have to charge my customers more, and that would be unfair.” That was something I had never heard in a business context in America! David Larsson 11 SACC-PHILADELPHIA Are you trying to work with those values, yourselves? Mr. Larsson: Yes, certainly. We highly value conscientiousness, fairness, competence, and loyalty. How did you hear about SACC? Mr. Larsson: We have always been very interested in Sweden and proud of our Swedish heritage, but our connection to SACC-Philadelphia came from out of the blue. In July 2014, I received a call from the founder, Mr. Erwin Apell, whose law firm was in the process of merging with my friend Ellen McDowell’s law firm in New Jersey (now known as McDowell Posternock Apell & Detrick P.C.). Ellen had told Mr. Apell about my Swedish background and interests, so Mr. Apell called and got me very interested in becoming a corporate member of the chamber. n TEXT: Charlotte Isberg PICTURES: Courtesy of Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C. member spotlight In what way? Paul Scheuritzel