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rate after discharge in 2010 was 20%. One of the greatest challenges in the US health care system is to provide quality care in a population which does not have access to specialty physicians due to factors like socioeconomic conditions and geographic limitations. Methods: Percentage analysis was done from the total ac- tive population of high risk homebound patients including but not limited to patients in pain management, behavioral health, and palliative care patients; with a focus on reduction of hospital readmissions and patient outcomes. Data were all collected from 2015 from March 2015 to July 2017 from the Bridgeway Health Plan in Maricopa County. Results: There were 224 total patients. 52 of the patients were TCM qualified. Data showed that the readmission rate was 9.6% on a 30-day readmission rate. Conclusions: The study was made to seek the benefits of house calls services in combination with Telemedicine collab- orating with Accountable Care Organizations. Not only were the readmissions reduced, telemedicine in Homebound pa- tients would allow easy access to health care, especially in rural areas, and it will also improve access to a network of specialists. It is predicted that hospital readmissions will be further reduced by 5% in 1 year if done with the combination of telemedicine and traditional care in the United States in the 3 rd quarter of 2017. 33. Impact و[[RX[ܘ[BۈYX\H\][ۜ ]X[]B]\[H\TӋK[H^[Z[\TXHܙY[ X\ZY[ۋPB[\[[Z[X[\BXܛ[YX\H H\\YY[\HBY\\ܝ܈]Y[]\^[X[]]B\\Y[[X[Y[][ۜ][[HX[[œ\[XܙX\Hو\K\ܚX[KH[XX[\\H[Xܘ]H]\\ۈKB^ ۋ\ܙ\[[]Y[Y[XZ[[ۙH[܋[\\\HH]Y[]Y[H[ZH]H܈ݛ\X\[Y[H[][B]Y[8&\YH܈H\Y\]]H\YۙY\K\H\][\[[H\]Y\܈ܙ\HH܈HX]Y[[H܈HY\[H[[XˈKBZ]HYX\H\X\H]Y[]\HYKX[[܈YH]Y[\[[][H[[X܈KBX[^Y\H\\H[[[ˈYH]Y[X[H[[X\X\X]\HوH[YX[Hو[Bܝ[HX[[ܝ\[X]KY]Έ[[X\H MH[[YX\HX[\˜Y[H[ݚYH[RX[ۜ[][ۜ[HKBY[8&\YH\[\H܈\[\ˈ]Y[\]YYۋ\ܙ\[[܈[\]Z\[Z[H\[˜[\[YۚYX[[[\[[ܝ[B[[XˈۘHY[YYY X]Y[[ۜ\H^ BZ[YH]Y[[[ܙ\܈[[RX[\؝Z[Y H\H؝Z[Y]Y[ۜ[ X[KB]YY[[Hۜ[ [\]YHX]Y[[\\XYHH[RX[ݚY\H[KBX[\\H[\Y][^[H\H܈\[\\KB][ۈ\ܛH\Y\][X[[YK\[ΈYX\H[XX[\[\\ۈ\Y\][\]Y[H\HYXYHIH[ H\XB][K\]][\H[Z]YH[ܘ\X][ۈ]BY[^[Y\ܝ[][ۜ][[\B[[Z[YX\Kۘ\[ۜΈ[RX[YX][H[YYY[\H^\\H]Y[]\^[˂ HKSY[܈ܘ[NH BܚY[][ۈ\ܝ܈]PH”[HX\SԓQK[Y\YY[ \[][\[\X[Xܛ[܈]\XH H[]ܘYX]BHY\\Y\\ H\Y[ܚ]X[\KH BܚY[][ۈ[YH[YH܈\H[Z\Y\[HB\ٝ[[YHX\]][^H\\\[\HYKB]X]H][Y[[][[ۋ\YۈHܘ[HB[\H] [ MJKH[ܘ[HZ\[^\Y[Y[KRPH] [ܚY[][ۈ[YYHš[[[]H\H[] P\H\][YݚYB\ܝ[X[]]HZ\[][ۈ\][KY]ΈHKSY[܈ܘ[H\[Y[H\[KB[][[[[\[][][ˈH[\HœݚYH\ܝ[\ݙHۙY[N[[\ݙHܚ]X[[[[H [ܚY[][ۈYYH \X\[KBX\Yܘ[H\][Y܈KSY[ܜ[\XKB[ˈKSY[ܜ][X]YH\X\[XXY YY][\H[]\X\[[KSY[ܜ]\H ^\][X]Hܙ\ˈ\X\[[KSY[ܜ[˜\]Yܘ[H][X][ۜ˂\[ΈHKSY[܈ܘ[H[ۜ\Yو ]^\Y[H[H\[][[ [Hӑ™^\Y[H][[H\[][ˈHKSY[܈][XKB[ۜ[[ۜ]H\X\[&H[\ݙY[YHX[Y[Y[[ܚ]X[[[[][XX[H][ق'[[ۜ[\[[H8']ܘ[H[ \X\[KBY[]X[Y[[و\ܝ][\[ܙX]\ۙKB[KH[]]H\[[Y[\HY[]H˂ۘ\[ۜΈHKSY[܈ܘ[H][Y\ܝ]B[][ۜ\]Y[^\Y[Y[KRPH[ BܚY[][ۈPHˈ\Y[ܜ\[Y\ۙKB[H[ܚ]X[[[ˈY][ۘ[ܘ[H[Y][BYH[ܙX\Y]\H][^][ۈو[KRPH[[KBݙYYYH][[ۋ\\YH\\[Y LY