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Methods: We identified index claim visits for various care sites that fit the scope of practice for Intermountain Connect Care virtual visits (i.e. sinusitis, urinary track infection, bron- chitis, etc.) that took place between over a year period (April 1st 2016 to March 30, 2017). The total cost of care included all claims within 21 days after an initial index visit, including provider visit cost, lab, imaging and prescription costs. We excluded patients with a Deyo-Charlson Comorbidity Index (DCI) greater than 2, given the difficulty in associating visits within 21 days with the index visit reason. We also restricted the study to members who joined at least 6 months prior to the index visit and remained at least 3 weeks after the study period. Results: This study will be completed in July so results are not yet available. Conclusions: The study will be completed in July so results are not yet available. 24. Usage Assessment of Interactive Case Simulation Tools in a Statewide Clinical Education Program David Lukacs, Venkata Sunil Nekkanti, MS, Dongwen Wang, PhD Arizona State University, Biomedical Informatics Background: Interactive case simulation tools (ICSTs) are important online resources developed by the New York State HIV-HCV-STD Clinical Education Initiative. With healthcare providers as the targeting users, the ICSTs are based on the latest clinical practice guidelines and aim to improve the quality of HIV, HCV and STD patient care. This study reports the usage of ICSTs. The analysis provides important data to identify more effective approaches for dissemination of clinical evidence. Methods: We collected the usage data of 12 ICSTs for a peri- od of 25 months from October 2013 to November 2015. All user activities, such as click of buttons, check of decision branches, and selection of specific patient conditions, were captured and stored for analyses. For each ICST, we meas- ured the usage based on episodes of use and frequency of visits to speci X\وP [Y\[X]YH\BYXˈ]]H\˂\[ΈHXܙYH[و K ̌H\\\و\H\[HYH\[ ] KH KL JHHX[HKBXZ[[ ̈ L JHH]]H\ˈHXܙYHB[و NK L\]XYXP[[ۜ] K L ͋JHHHX[H[XZ[[ L ˍ JBH]]H\ˈH\YHوP\XܙY܈U\[YH[[\\XH [\[U’Ո[^\[\][ۘ[^\Kۘ\[ۜΈHXܙY[[]H\HوPHH\B[X\و[XX[ˈ]]H\]HXYHHY\Y]ܛH܈\[PˈP\YH\[][H\X]Y \\YH\\]Z\Y\ܛHܜ[][ۈ[[\\ۂP\YK[X[X\\[\H۝^X\šY[YHH[YX]H\X\\[Z[][[KB[]Y[HYP˂KZ][ܘ[X[[ZX[XZ[HY\[BX\XX\PK[[H[ۂݘ[X[Xܛ[]\HY[HۛۈX]\H\HXXKBHܝYHXܛH][ۈYH\[\X\ۜˈ˜X]\ܝYKݘ[X[]\YYZ\'[X\XH]Y[^\Y[x'H[\ZYۈ[YB[\XX]H[[X\\Y[\X\[X[][ۈ›YY]HYYو]Y[[[و\][Q8&\[ۙB[][]H][][Z]YXX]X\\\˂Y]Έݘ[X[XX]XYYX[H\\Y]Hܝ\[H]]YH[\XX]Hܘ[BT KH]H[Y[]X]]H[XX]HKB\\\X\]\H[XH\H]Y[[H[YKBHX[\XX]\[\\\ܚ]\œݚYH\Z[]H][X][ۜ܈XX]Y[[\B[Y\[H\\Y[ˈTݚYYXX][]\]Z\Y[[U\ܝ[YH]Y[[\H\X\˂XX]\\HܙY[X[YHXX][]ۋB[[][Y\]^H[[HQݚY\\B\H]Y[[H[Y[Y\X[\\[ΈHYX]YX[Hو\\\[XX]\ܚ[]\[\\\X[Y[[[\KB]H][܈H]Y[8&\\X[\YYˈ\X\BXܙX\\[و^H܈H]Y[[HQ][[[X[]]HH]Y[XZ][X]Y[\\B]\YH[Q8&\\ \ˈ\\XH\ Mš\ˈ\\XH[ݚY\QYX\Z[Y\\\˂ۘ\[ۜΈ[[YYX[HX^H]\\XHXK]YXB[\X[ۈ]H]Y[]\H]\[ۈHYY B[\\X[Y[[X]Y[[[]X]HBZ[ۈHQXܛH]Kݘ[X[\KBZ]Y][H]Y[\\HY[[[۝[YH\\Z\[ۈ[\X\XܛB]H]XH\H][YYYH[۝X \[X[^][ۈܘ[ \\\[QH\XH[[YYX[B[XHXXӈ H ˈ[H]\ۋQ H [YH\\ BY[&\[ZX[  \ۈY[ۘ[YYX[[\Xܛ[H؜]XX[\H\[H\ٝ[Y[B[\[\X\ˈЈX\[H[Z]Y[X]\[][YYX[H\H\\KYY\]]Y[]KB Y