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Welcome On behalf of the Conference Advisory Board, the Honorary Chair, the Arizona Telemedicine Program, the Southwest Telehealth Resource Center, and the Four Corners Telehealth Consortium, we are delighted to welcome you to the third national Telemedicine and Telehealth Service Provider Showcase. SPS focuses on building partnerships to bring high quality, telemedicine- and telehealth-enabled medical specialty services directly into hospitals, clinics, private practices, and patients’ homes. We have an exciting lineup of speakers that includes nationally and internationally recognized experts on tele- health; telemedicine providers and users; and authorities on legal, regulatory and policy aspects. The two-day conference features a series of high-powered talks and panels on learning what it takes to succeed in this increas- ingly competitive market; finding the right partners; understanding telemedicine laws, regulations and policies; establishing successful working relationships; integrating telehealth into different health-care enterprises; negoti- ating with payers; influencing telehealth legislation; and navigating changing technology. The Expo Hall showcases a wide array of tele-medical specialty services and supporting technologies, providing a forum for networking as well as for seeing and discussing the latest trends in clinical telehealth. To help attendees navigate the floor and hear first-hand what these best-of-breed telehealth companies have to offer, our “Lightning Rounds” highlight exhibitors with brief descriptions of their products and services. Health care is changing and telehealth is leading the way. Tele-service providers offer an up-and-coming model for improving the efficient and effective delivery of health care in innovative ways that will truly impact patient care. SPS 2017 offers attendees an entrée into this important and influential arena to help you st ay competitive in this demanding and dynamic field. We wish to express our appreciation to those many individuals who have participated in the planning and imple- mentation of the diverse components of SPS 2017. Their enthusiasm and dedication have been critical in making SPS 2017 a reality. It is our hope that you find this conference enjoyable in your personal and professional experiences. Sincerely, your SPS 2017 Co-Chairs, Dale C. Alverson, MD Professor Emeritus and Regents’ Professor Medical Director Center for Telehealth University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Past President, American Telemedicine Association Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD Professor and Vice-Chair of Research Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences Emory University Co-Director, Southwest Telehealth Resource Center Past President, American Telemedicine Association