SPS 2016 Program - Page 7

SPS Schedule at a Glance TUESDAY, June 21, 2016 WEDNESDAY, June 22, 2016 8:008:15 Welcome 8:008:05 8:158:55 Keynote: Remote Monitoring Partnerships: Opportunities and Barriers MODULE 1 / TELEHEALTH WINNERS: STRATEGIES THAT WORK 8:55“Hospitals Without Borders”: The Command 9:25 Center Model of Telemedicine 9:25Meet the Service Providers Lightning Rounds 9:50 8:05Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation 8:15 8:15Keynote: An Accreditation Process for Direct8:45 to-Consumer Telehealth Providers MODULE 3 / FINDING THE PERFECT PARTNER & NEGOTIATING THE HURDLES 8:45Panel: Safe, Secure and Accepted—Telehealth 9:45 Legal and Policy Considerations 9:45Meet the Service Providers Lightning Rounds 10:05 9:5010:20 COFFEE BREAK – Expo hall 10:0510:35 COFFEE BREAK – Expo Hall 10:2011:20 Panel: How Rural Hospitals are Leveraging Telemedicine to Survive the Closure Crisis 10:3511:05 Federal Policy Impacts on Healthcare Workforce Disparities 11:2011:50 Improving Statewide Health Through a Central Telemedicine Program 11:0511:35 Telehealth Coverage and Parity Laws: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities 11:501:05 LUNCH – Expo Hall 11:3512:05 The Partnering Process: Perspectives from Both Sides MODULE 2 / SUCCEEDING AS A SERVICE PROVIDER 12:051:20 LUNCH – Expo Hall 12:50-1:20: POSTER PRESENTATIONS – Expo Hall 1:051:35 Starting a Telehealth Service Provider Business MODULE 4 / SUCCESSFULLY INTEGRATING SERVICE PROVIDERS INTO ORGANIZATIONS 1:352:05 Growing into \\\H\\X]Z\][ۂN NL[Yܘ][Y[[X[[[X\H\B LYY]H\XHݚY\Y[[‚NL  Ό Ό ΌёQHPR8$^[^[[[ZX[\X\H[\Y\X\] LL Ό][[H[HH]YN[X[“ۜ]H[ٙ]HݚY\ܚ•]\YX][BёQHPR8$^[Ό [XN][[^x&\[[YYX[BX\]Ό  UԒSPTSӈ8$^[  B^H Xٙ[[[[YYX[H[\ܙ[^][ێ\XX\܈[X[Y[ۈ[YX\\[]X[]B[XN[Yܘ][ۈ\[\XX\HH“[ܝ\X\HN[H][\Yۈ\Y[H\HZ]\\ً܈[[ۙYK MYB