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How Norwex Microfibre Works Traditional cotton cloth pushes around particles, spreading dirt, grime and moisture into the surface crevices, leaving it moist and unclean. Norwex Microfibre lifts and collects particles. Norwex Microfibre attracts even the smallest particles of dirt, grease and moisture, leaving the surface free from everything. Norwex Microfibre self-purifies. Used wet, the micro silver in the cloth goes to work with self-purification properties. USE IT DRY TO DUST Norwex Microfibre is a better way to clean. By producing an electrostatic charge, it picks up and holds even the smallest particles in its fibres, creating a cleaner surface that lasts longer with no harmful chemical residue to collect more dust. USE IT WET TO CLEAN When wet, Norwex Microfibre loosens and lifts the most stubborn dirt and debris up into the cloth and away from the surface. Simply wet thoroughly, wring well, fold flat and wipe away grime from all washable surface s. CARING FOR YOUR NORWEX MICROFIBRE IS EASY. For best results, simply wash using a Norwex laundry detergent and toss in the dryer or hang on the line. Avoid bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets as they will coat the fibres and reduce their ability to clean effectively. When using on easily scratched surfaces such as brushed stainless steel, first test Norwex Microfibre on an inconspicuous spot. Do not use microfibre (except Norwex Optic Scarf) on anti-glare surfaces. All Norwex Microfibre products carry a two-year warranty. Please visit norwex.com.au/en_AU/norwex- guarantee for complete details. 7