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Real People. Real Impact. Passionate about Norwex? Would you love to make a difference while earning a meaningful income? How about working your own schedule your own way and making time for what really matters in life? If you’ve checked yes to even one of these questions, then I encourage you to join our Norwex Family. I must warn you, however, you must be prepared to earn exciting incentives, free products and to make friendships that you’ll wonder how you ever did without! So, what are you waiting for? We need YOU to help us create a brighter future for generations to come and in return, you can live a happier, healthier life by helping your friends and family to create their own safe havens. Lara O’Neill Senior Executive Sales Leader, TAS Creating Safe Havens for 3 years Rebecca Allpass Executive Vice President Sales Leader, QLD Creating Safe Havens Being introduced to Norwex 7 years ago was the end of a very long search for products that woul BVג6( 2W&vW2R7F6f"bW"R6&RVVG2B7WW&"FWfW'FrBG&VBvfr'vWvFR6V6RFW&GVfRBv2&6g&VR'GVGF( 'vW( W"R'fW7FrƗGFRFR6&rFW6R6WF2vFFW'2FRF66fW'bfW&RR&6VB'W6W72FBƖv2vFגfVW22&VV7V6vgBFגf֖ǒRFB2VFFVǒ&fFVBFRf6g&VVFFVfRגFR6&VW"दr'vW26VBFRFFF&W76w2bg&VG62W'6w&wF&V6vFG&fVB6vrW"2&2R&Vǒ6fRvBRFआVrFW'27&VFRVFW"W2BvfR'vWv2rג&fVvRW'6RB76f"rV'0VƖƆW&&PWV7WFfRf6R&W6FV@6W2VFW"@7&VFr6fRfV0FR'vW'GVG&Vǒ2f"WfW'R6RR7F'BW6r'vWR6( BVW'6Vb( 2RfRFFVWfW'RbRfRFR&GV7G2@^( &R76FR&WB6&rBvFFW'2'vW2f"RvV&V6P67VFBBv26ǒFV&&Bb6WBWBFvWBFP&GV7G2f"גvRFF'vW26V6&RFFB'vW26RfW&ƗGg&VVFƖF2v&rvFr7W7FW'27G0B67VFG2v&V6Rg&VG2N( 2W'6w&wFB7&VFr'&vFW gWGW&RvRW2FR7BFRVRU"v&BFFV6FVЦrF7&VFRVFW"6fW"SvR6( BvBFvV6RRFFP'vWf֖ǒf"V'0SP