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Kitchen Helpers YOU’LL RELY ON AGAIN AND AGAIN Dish Mat Pile dishes high while you save time and effort and eliminate the “wet towel” dilemma. Use the handy loop to hang dry, then fold in half for easy storage. The Norwex Microfibre beneath the mesh absorbs 1½ times its weight in water! Size: 5  3 cm x 36 cm Item #: 307300 latte RRP $33.00 EnviroSponges NEW Our dual-sided, multipurpose 20 EnviroSponge beats other sponges hands down! The inner foam combined with our highly absorbent EnviroCloth™ microfibre absorbs all kinds of spills and soppy messes. The BacLock® agent within the soft EnviroCloth™ microfibre side only is designed to inhibit bacterial odour, mould and/or mildew growth within the EnviroCloth™ microfibre. Use the scrubby side to loosen gooey grime and tough baked-on spills and the soft, absorbent microfibre side to whisk away the residue. This set of two is long-lasting and machine- washable, so you always have one handy. Keep one in the kitchen and one in your bathroom – or any other place a sponge is desired! 1-year warranty Size: 15.2 cm x 10.2 cm Item #: 354105 RRP $30.00 pack of 2 Dishwashing Liquid Our ultra-concentrated, natural formula is made with biodegradable ingredients and is free from phosphates, phthalates, SLS, SLES and dyes. The gentle, sudsing formula gets your dishes spotless, even in the hardest water. Scented with essential oil of Clementine for a crisp, citrus aroma. Suitable for septic tanks. Size: 355 ml Item #: 403464 RRP $18.50 Enviro Fact Many dish soaps contain unnecessary ingredients such as phosphates, which can create “dead zones” by washing into streams and rivers.