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Product Review “The All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth picks up grease effortlessly and leaves the surface squeaky clean. Use this cloth instead of paper towel when draining oil off fried goodies in your kitchen. Also perfect for removing sticky labels with ease. Engine lovers need one too. So many great applications, so much extra cupboard space!” Alissa Pattrick Executive Sales Leader, QLD Creating Safe Havens for 3.5 years All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth Our classic graphite waffle-weave cloth cleans dishes, benches, tables, stovetops, ovens and appliances. Non-abrasive and durable, this cloth is great at wiping away grease for a fast clean! Size: 30 cm x 30 cm Item #: 307000 graphite RRP $22.00 Kitchen Scrub Cloth Specially designed microfibre woven with nylon easily tackles tough jobs like dirty pots and pans. Safe for all non-stick surfaces, it’s ideal for hard-to-clean areas that need a little extra scrubbing power. Size: 35 cm x 35 cm Item #: 307001 blue RRP $21.50 Magnet Ball NEW COLOURS The Magnet Ball prevents calcium from building up in dishwashers and washing machines, resulting in softer water and requiring up to 70% less detergent. Use on bottom rack of dishwasher. Not for front-loading washing machines. 5-year warranty Size: 5 cm x 5 cm x 6 cm Item #: 357020 RRP $55.50 Super Jet Dishwasher Detergent Kitchen Messes STAND UP TO Conditions, softens water and minimises hard water and lime 'VGWख6VFW2&FVw&F&Rw&VFVG2@6V2WF#RG2"WFCG0vVW6VBvFFRvWB&6SSpFV3C3CS%%CS