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PLACES of the Glenview Park District Discover more about the Glenview Park District facilities, parks and program sites for recreation, preservation, nature, history and education. WHEN SECONDS COUNT: AEDS IN GLENVIEW'S PARKS Heart health awareness takes center stage in February, which is dedicated as National Heart Health Month. Did you know that Glenview Park District recently completed installation of seven automated external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout three of our parks? AEDs play a crucial rescue role in the case of sudden cardiac arrest. In fact, it has been found that early defibrillation, along with CPR, can more than double a victim’s chance of survival. These portable, life saving devices were installed by Glenview Park District in conjunction with the Jennifer Lynn Snyder Teen Heart Foundation. Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States with more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occurring outside of a hospital each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Less than 10 percent of those victims survive. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time, even young people and those who appear to be in excellent physical condition. are provided for both adult and child administration, including basic CPR. The equipment is housed in unlocked, temperature controlled boxes that are easily accessible. Once a box is opened, an alarm notifies park district officials and the alarm company, who in turn alert emergency dispatch services. Park district employees monitor the AEDs, and each year they are put through a special test to ensure they are operating properly. Glenview Park District is pleased to have three of these devices located in Community Park West, two in Flick Park and two more in Gallery Park. "Thousands of people visit Glenview Park District parks each week, and many of them are involved in strenuous activities like sports leagues, jogging, biking or other fitness pursuits. Providing AEDs in our three most heavily used parks is another way that we can support our community’s health, wellness and safety,” says Glenview Park District Risk Manager Henry Urbina. AED Locations: AEDs are easy to use, and feature onscreen visual and voice commands that guide the user through every step of the process. The machine analyzes the victim’s heart rhythm and automatically diagnoses life threatening cardiac arrhythmias. If necessary, it provides a shock to revive the heart. Instructions Flick Park - South Pavilion: 3600 Glenview Rd. Community Park West - Outside Park Facility Services: 655 Zenith Ave. Community Park West - Central Pavilion: 795 Zenith Ave. Community Park West - North Pavilion: 1001 Zenith Ave. Flick Park - North Fieldhouse: 3716 Lindenwood Ln. Gallery Park - North Pavilion: 2699 W. Lake Gallery Park - South Pavilion: 2598 Chestnut Ave. Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial posted on the Glenview Park District's website: youtube.com/watch?v=KynQRM_DQGs PLACES ▪ glenviewparks.org 5