Spring Brochure 2018 Spring2018_Online_Guide - Page 88

BIRTHDAY PARTIES AT THE PARK DISTRICT PICK-A-PARTY AT PARK CENTER 2400 Chestnut Avenue Let our party experts help you with cool party themes and fun activities for a celebra- tion that’s hassle free. RESERVATIONS: Call now to book! 847-486-5371. Nonresidents pay 25% more for all party reservations. All parties must be booked two weeks prior. PARTY LENGTH: Children spend approxi- mately one hour in the party activity, then celebrate for the remainder of the time in our party room where tables and chairs are provided. Upon availability, room time may be extended for an additional fee. INCLUDES: Party activity, games and three party leaders (unless otherwise noted). All other party items (invitations, goody bags, food and paper goods) are the responsibility of the party hosts. MAX/MIN: 30/5 (unless otherwise noted). Additional guests, including adults and chil- dren, may be added beyond maximum stated for an additional charge. ($50 for 31-60 guests, and additional $100 for 61-100 guests). DAYS AVAILABLE: Saturdays and Sundays, select Friday nights. PAYMENT POLICY: Full payment required 5 business days after booking to reserve spot. Cancelled parties will be refunded less 10%. Parties cancelled 5 days before party date will receive no refund. _______________________________________________________ TINY TOTS PARTY (AGES 1-3) Your little ones will love running around in Park Center’s Mini-Gym where they can play with building blocks and mats, toy-houses, mini-slides, scooters and more (all toys pro- vided by Park Center.) Adults can socialize as they watch their children play. Add our Awesome Moonwalk, with a mini-basketball hoop and slide attached to the side, for an additional $100. FEE (R/NR): $265/$330 84 glenviewparks.org ▪ BIRTHDAY PARTIES DANCE PARTY: POMS, HIP HOP, CHEER, POMS, BALLET! (AGES 3-12) Learn to be a great dancer! Guests will learn a specific dance routine tailored to the type of dance medium they choose. The routine will be taught by one of the Park Center’s own dance instructors in our Dance Studio. FEE (R/NR): $305/$380 PRINCESS PARTY (AGES 4-10) LITTLE CHEFS PARTY (AGES 6-9) Let’s Decorate! Guests will transform into Little Chefs as they decorate chef hats and peanut free sugar cookies to take home. Note: It is up to the party host to determine any food allergies ahead of time and supply an alternative treat. FEE (R/NR): $305/$380 SUPER HERO MISSION PARTY! (AGES 6-10) Guests will be transformed into Princesses as they decorate an adorable tiara to take home and play games such as Musical Thrones and Princess Hot-Potato. All little Princesses can come dressed up as their Favorite Princess! Add our Awesome Moon- walk, with a slide, for an additional $100. Help our Superhero find his shield, which is lost somewhere in the Park Center! G Օ)ݥɡɼͭ́ѼхݥѠ)ѡѡȁͥݡ́ѡȴ)ɽݡɔՕЁ͕Ёɥ)ɕ䁽ȁɡɼ́ѡԁ)ѡͥ᥵մ)H9H耐ԼH9H耐Լ)5% 59%AIQdLдȤA=QQIdA1==i)AIQdLشȤ)5́饹=ȁ饹)5́ݥՍЁԵє)͡܁ȁՕ̸᥵մ)H9H耐Լ)MA=IQLAIQdLдȤ)Ёȁ́ɥ̰̰ɕ́)ɔݥȁՕ́յݥѠ)፥ѕи)H9H耐Լ)QI9==8M1U5 H)AIQdLԴ)Օ́ѡȁٽɥє@(́)ɥѡȁͱ̸A䁱́ɝ)锁ͱɅ́յɅ)ɔٕ役́ɅЁѼх)ȁݕͽ5݅ݥѠͱ)ȁѥ)H9H耐Լ) ѥЁЁȁAѕA鄁A)Օ́ݥɕєѡȁٕ䁽ݸɅ)ɽЁAɬ ѕˊéɅ́Ց )́́ɔɽ٥ ѕ)ѕɽ́ݥɕ䁙ȁݼ)ݕ́ѕȁѡ一ԁ᥵մ)H9H耐Լ)I%d9%!PL]=IId)IAIQdLش̤)䁄ɥ9ЁA䁅Ё́ѡ)ݽɬA̰ѥ٥ѥ̰ե(͔鄁ɔɽ٥)Օ́ݥ䁅ȁݥЁM͠)1́ݕ䁵ɔոɽ)ȁ ܴشāȁɥ)م一ɥ䁹Ёѥ́ɔ)Ёم䁅ɔՉЁѼ)́ՑፕЁȁ̴)͕Ѐݡѡ䁡Ё̤(Aɥ́م