Spring Brochure 2018 Spring2018_Online_Guide - Page 65

BABYSITTING CLINIC This American Red Cross course provides youth with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to provide excellent, safe and responsible child and infant care. Video scenarios and life-size baby dolls provide hands-on practice for care of babies, emergencies, discipline and safe play for all ages. Mannequin CPR training, First Aid care and bandaging are covered in the final class (15 minutes extra time needed). Participants receive a handbook and CD full of additional help and suggestions to keep. Note: Full attendance of all 4 sessions is required for class completion and presentation of American Red Cross card. AGES 11-16 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 3060030-A Sa • 1:30-4 pm 5/5-5/26 $118/$147 MAD SCIENCE MAD SCIENCE FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS Each week involves experiments and exploration designed just for younger scientists, lots of fun and exciting science topics to investigate, and things to take home. All materials are included and instructors are provided by Mad Science of Northern Illinois. AGES 4-6 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 3060040-A W • 9:15-10 am 4/4-5/23 $160/$200 MAD SCIENCE – SYSTEM 3 Explore Stunt Planes and Gliders, Che-Mystery, Wacky Waves and lots more. Each week will focus on a different, spectacular science topic. Each young Mad Scientist will be making some great take home projects too, including a wave modulator, crystal garden and stunt plane. All materials are included and instructors are provided by Mad Science of Northern Illi nois. TECH PROGRAMS ROBOTICS ADVENTURES WE DO 2.0 Your child's imagination will soar when they meet Milo, the rover, and discover simple machines, engineering and program- ming. Students will be challenged when they experiment and create while using the MIT designed, LEGO WeDo 2.0 system. AGES 6-8 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES 3060051-A Tu • 5:30-6:30 pm 4/3-6/5 FEE (R/NR) $225/$281 MINECRAFT THEMED MOBILE APPS Learn how to be a developer and create minecraft themed apps for an iPhone or Android. Students learn the essentials of designing and programming mobile apps. Working with a partner, they use AppShed and explore key coding concepts, easing into the first steps of Java programming while having fun creating fully functioning apps! AGES 9-12 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES 3060052-B W • 5:30-6:30 pm 4/4-6/6 FEE (R/NR) $225/$281 THANK YOU! To School Districts 30, 31, 34, 37, 63, and Glenbrook High School District 225 for opening up their buildings and grounds so our activities can be offered in an extended number of locations. A mutual park board/school board agreement makes this cooperation possible. AGES 6-12 YRS. ID# DAY/TIME DATES FEE (R/NR) 3060040-B W • 4-5 pm 4/4-5/23 $174/$218 Park Center Variety ▪ glenviewparks.org 61