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EAST WING CLASSES & EVENTS Active Lifestyles > Healthy Attitudes > Ages 55+ FITNESS CLASSES (MEMBERS ONLY) INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS BASIC EXERCISE BRIDGE LESSONS Join the fun with low impact cardio dance steps, strength training and standing stretches. Angie Campbell instructs. Yvonne Markos teaches this beginners bridge class. ID# 3000061-A DAY/TIME F • 9-10 am DATES FEE (M) 3/30-5/25 $36 BALANCE AND FITNESS Improve your quality of life! Brian Kinnear, a Senior Strength and Conditioning Specialist, will focus on helping you improve your balance and strength with a fitness plan focused on fall prevention. ID# 3000060-A DAY/TIME DATES Th • 9:30-10:15 am 4/5-5/24 FEE (M) $65 SIT & BE FIT Here’s a fun and energetic, easy-to-do, mostly muscle toning program that’s done mostly sitting down. Work your entire body with light weights, exercise bands, balls and other equipment. Diane Da Camara instructs. ID# 3000062-A 3000062-B DAY/TIME DATES FEE (M) M • 9-9:45 am 3/26-5/21 $36 W • 9-9:45 am 3/28-5/23 $36 TAI CHI CLASS Tai Chi brings the mind, body and spirit together to gain bal- ance, prevent injury and promote good health. This gentle art can be practiced by people of all ages and in all health condi- tions. Wear loose fitting clothes that allow you to move freely. ID# Beginner 3000063-B Advanced 3000063-A DAY/TIME DATES FEE (M) DAY/TIME M • 1-3 pm DATES FEE (M/NM) 4/2-5/7 $60/$65 MAH JONGG Taught by Lori Metsa. Learn the basics of this tile game or mas- ter your skills. Bring your 2017 Mah Jongg card if you have one. ID# 3000032-A 3000032-B DAY/TIME DATES Tu • 9:30-11:30 am 3/6-4/10 Tu • 9:30-11:30 am 4/17-5/22 FEE (M/NM) $60/$65 $60/$65 CANASTA INSTRUCTION Sylvia Taflove teaches the basics and explains the rules in a learn-as you-play atmosphere. This is New Canasta. ID# 3000033-B 3000033-C 3000033-A DAY/TIME DATES Th • 9:30-11:30 am 3/22-4/12 Th • 9:30-11:30 am 4/19-5/10 Th • 9:30-11:30 am 5/17-6/7 FEE (M/NM) $40/$45 $40/$45 $40/$45 EVENTS FREE FOR MEMBERS! SUPER SENIORS CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST & EXECUTIVE BOARD INSTALLATION Sponsored by North Shore Place Members, come to our awards ceremony for our Super Seniors and President’s Awards. Breakfast will be served before awards. W • 11 am-12 pm 3/28-5/30 $65 ID# 3055310-A W • 12:15-1:15 pm 3/28-5/30 BOOK DRAMATIST BARBARA RINELLA $65 FOREVER YOUNG This class offers a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movements and activities for daily living. Hand held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a ball are offered for resistance. KC Bleuher instructs. ID# 3000064-A ID# 3000031-A DAY/TIME DATES FEE (M) M • 10:15-11 am 3/26-5/21 $36 DAY/TIME DATE FEE (M) F • 10:30 am-12:30 pm 4/27 FREE Barbara presents Where the Light Falls by Alison and Owen Pataki. Doors open at 10:15 am. Sponsored by Glenview Terrace and the Vi. ID# 3000040-A DAY/TIME DATE FEE F • 10:45 am-12 pm 5/4 $10 NEW MEMBER RECEPTION All new members are invited to hear about the activities of the East Wing and stay for refreshments. Registration is required. ID# 3055310-E DAY/TIME F • 9:30-10:45 am DATE FEE (M) 6/22 FREE 41