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DIANE MICHALSKI BRINGS STEM TO THE GROVE PEOPLE & of the Glenview Park District A feature that shines the spotlight on people who help create enriching and enjoyable recreational experiences at the Glenview Park District. Diane Michalski was fascinated with The Grove from the moment she first set foot on the historic grounds over 12 years ago. Her interest even prompted her to choose Redfield Estate for her wedding venue. Soon after, Diane became a volunteer at The Grove, and was then hired to teach programs and lead field trips. Diane now serves as The Grove's program coordinator with an unmistakable passion for her job. Her latest project is the Kennicott Girls Club, a program exploring how work was done in an era when science and engineering were not the lightning speed technologies that we know today. Participants will try their hand at tasks typical of pioneering families in the 1800s and discover how these activities incorporate the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math. Diane sat down to explain why the technology of the past is still relevant for the youth of our time. Q. What inspired the creation of the Kennicott Girls Club? Grove program coordinator Diane Michalski portraying a pioneer. Diane: Many programs exploring the 19th century focus on the men of that time. We wanted to shift that focus and show that women were just as crucial to progress as men were. Women like the Kennicott daughters, Alice and Cora, were involved in activities that went beyond household chores. We know, for instance, that Alice helped her brother Robert with some of his taxidermy projects. But even their day to day routines involved certain aspects of STEM research that are worth investigating. Q. What are some of the activities participants can look forward to? Q. Why is the focus specifically on STEM fields? Q. Who can participate in the Kennicott Girls Club? Diane: People of the past faced many situations which required them to be innovative and apply STEM concepts in their quest for solutions. Our children are tomorrow’s leaders. We will be looking to them to help solve our own modern-day problems. They need to be supported and inspired to 7&VFRW6r66V6RFV6wVvVW&rBFF2&w&ЦV6W&vW2FVFWW&VBW6r6R&60( N( 62&FW"FFWfVVVRWrFV2FSFVvFRR7VvvW7BFBF22&w&W7Bf v&2B27GVǒ&WBFRV6GBv&2BW&W2FV"ƗfW2g&ЦFffW&VBW'7V7FfRvRV6W&vRFR'F6Fb&F&0Bv&2w&FW2"bvRfVVFBF2&w&2BFffW"BFPV&rWW&V6R6VBB&RƖ֗FVBFR7V6f2vVFW"FP&VVfG2v&WB( vV( 2v&( BWFVBFFVWW"VFW'7FFpb5DTfVG2BrFWf7FW"FW&FVW"F涖rFSvR&R6W6FVB&WBFR7FfFW2vRfRVBf"WRvRvBF7B( vWBFr^( FV'GvW&R'F6G26খG&GV6RFV6VfW2vRF26VVƖR6RgVWfVBFP6G&VvF66fW"rFVv2W76VFFVF6B'F7VGW&Gf6VVG2bFRF6VGW'FWvV&FR66V6R&V@FR&6W72FN( 2FRFV'FVw&FVBFbFR7FfFW2v666VFW26r'&FvR'VFrBWfV6FrV6GBv&26V"7F'G2F2&6VRvRc2FV&&RfBFFF5DT&6VB&w&2ffW&VBBFPvVfWr&F7G&7BvW2cc@vVfWw&2&r)jTP