Spring 2019 Final Spring 2019 FORUM FINAL!

FORUM Spring 2019 Vol. 51, Issue 3 www.prssa.prsa.org/forum After fifty years of stories, PRSSA’s national newspaper, FORUM, is coming to a close. This last issue reflects on the publication while also looking towards the future of PRSSA’s brand. Thoughts from the President’s Desk: Reflect- ing on FORUM’s History By Ashleigh Kathryn National President As National President of the Public Relations Student Society of America, I congratulate the publications team on delivering the final issue of FORUM. The first issue was published 50 years ago after the Society’s establishment and has served as a recollection of celebration and growth. The rich history of FORUM not only shows us where the Society has been, but also shows us where it will go! In the 1969 edition of FORUM, George Hammond, PRSA president, shared, “The stated purpose of the PRSA/PRSSA association — to create a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and professionals — has been more than adequately fulfilled since April 1968, when the first six Chapters received their charters. The enthusiasm and dedication of the students has been extraordinary. The contents of the FORUM are proof of this. The eagerness of the practitioners has been no less.” Fifty years later, I still see the incredible dedication and enthusiasm of Chapter (and Student-Run Firm) leadership that Hammond mentioned. The Society has expanded to more than 300 Chapters across the country and internationally. Despite financial challenges, student turnover and external obstacles, PRSSA leaders resiliently share the mission of the Society and shape the future of the public relations industry. In reviewing FORUM issues, Chapters put forth hundreds of articles from key professional insights to unique Chapter perspectives. I believe the single thread that has tied all of this together for FORUM has been our Society’s mission statement. The verbiage of our Society’s mission statement may have changed, but the fundamentals are still governing today: “To provide exceptional service to our members by enhancing their education, broadening their professional network and helping launch their careers Attend the PRSSA 2019 International Conference Kayla Fernandez International Conference Director Join us this October in sunny San Diego for the PRSSA 2019 International Conference. This event will highlight all aspects of the public relations industry through profes- sional development sessions, career tours, keynote speakers and more. International Conference is an event that brings public relations students and pro- fessionals from around the world together in one place to network with others. Stu- dents will hear from many professionals about their experiences and best practices. Students also will have the opportunity to go to the PRSA International Conference General Sessions. At this year’s Conference, we will be show- casing “The Golden State of PR.” Public relations/communications is a field that is continuously changing and evolving. Through “The Golden State of PR,” we’re hoping to highlight some of the constant trends of public relations while also looking to showcase the emerging trends in our field. We’re looking to celebrate the innova- tion, collaboration and creativity that propel our field into previously unknown levels of prom- inence. California State University, Fullerton, has enlisted four directors to fuse their pas- sions and creative minds to create an excit- ing Conference lineup that you won’t want to miss. The panel lineup will highlight the diverse areas in the field with topics rang- ing from entertainment, nonprofit, corpo- rate and more. While San Diego is known for its gorgeous weather and sandy beaches, what most people don’t know is that it is the perfect location to launch your career. Attendees will have opportunities to gain firsthand knowledge from experienced profession- als. International Conference is a fantastic opportunity to create connections that will help immerse students in public relations. Join us in San Diego this October to launch your career, network with professionals and make lifelong friends and unforgetta- ble memories. We can’t wait to see you in the finest city! Register today! The PRSSA 2019 International Conference Committee OPEN FORUM 2 Learn why you should join PRSA and how easy it is to do so. 4 Take a step back in time with us and join us to take a look at the first issue of FORUM. 6 Haven’t registered for Conference yet? Check out this promotional video.