SportsLife 2016, Issue 2 - Page 30

SPONSORSHIP IN AMATEUR SPORTS: By Al Gowriluk The sponsorship of local amateur sports is critical to its success and popularity. The Winnipeg Ringette League (WRL) is selling themselves, and corporate Winnipeg is buying. 2016 is the 7th year that Boston Pizza has been part of the WRL all-star game. BP supplies the jerseys for each player on all 4 teams to wear and to keep as a memento of playing in this pinnacle game. BP also donates a dinner for 4 for the “Score For 4” game. Score for 4, is a ringette skill based game developed by the WRL for events such as this. One of the most sought after prizes at the all-star game, is surprisingly NOT on the ice, it’s the “Boston Pizza, Wear Your Jersey” contest, where every WRL player who wears their jersey to the event is entered to win a wind-up for their entire team. 3 U 14 Skills winners L-R Brenna Bedosky, Jordan O’Leary, Reegan Vanstone Lionel The Vickar automotive group has the naming rights for the U 14 skills competition. This year, each winner went home with some very impressive hardware. Each team in the U 14 division submits a player in each of 3 categories. Three separate videos to explain exactly what is expected of each participant are posted online. This is done not only to explain the skill but to bring the level of nervousness down to a bearable point. The 2016 Vickar Automotive Group’s U14 skills competiton were won by; • Fastest Skater: Brenna Bedosky, Dakota Thunder “A”, 21.51 seconds • Goalie: Reegan Vanstone, Portage Thunder “B”, 8 out of 8 • Hardest Shot: Jordan O’Leary, Greendell Falcons “C”, 50 MPH (80 Km/H) PremaMan East continues to sponsor the “Prema U19 Play Maker of the Game” award where a player on each of the 4 teams wins a PremaMan East Play Maker of the All-Star Game hoodie. Prema Man. East President and 2015 MRA Coach of the Year Joe Cabral has always coached with the philosophy that the assist is more important than the goal. The SportsXpress is the ringette go to store in the province. Their wide selection of product and knowledge of the game truly gives them a skate up on WRL 30 / sportslife Boston PIzza Score For 4 Game the competition. The Sports Xpress who not only sponsors the ASG, but the league as a whole. Their ad in the WRL rulebook, complete with on-line coupons for ringette players, plays right into the niche that owners Donna & Bill McCartney are carving out for ringette players. The SportsXpress 1803 Main Street. With all the sponsors and fans, events like the ASG couldn’t happen without the volunteers. The officials, members of the Garden City ACES U 16 & the Open ACES teams help out as well. The voice of the WRL all-star game Andrew Brown and the MC for the U 14 skills always from Virgin 103.1 FM. l Game action during 2016 All-Star Game at IcePlex