SportsLife 2016, Issue 2 - Page 20

at McMahon Stadium, a great big kid, a kid who had never played a down of football in his life when he showed up at Dobie’s door, was suddenly thrust into the CIS spotlight. Not surprisingly, people took notice. “When he showed up, he was obviously big and I knew immediately he was a foreign student,” Dobie said. “We talked for awhile and I sensed right away that this was a great kid, with a great heart who would put everything he had into learning the game. 20 / sportslife “So I made him a deal. I told him that kids just don’t show up at the CIS level and play football. That just doesn’t happen. But I also knew that when we recruited Izzy (Idonije), he’d had only one year of football experience playing stand-up rush end in a rural smallschool nine-man league in Brandon. I believed David could learn. “But I also wasn’t in a position to spend a lot of time teaching him the game. So this is the deal I made. I said, ‘You will be invited out to practice. You will not play in any games. We will have a coach or an injured player or a red-shirt player start teaching you what you need you know to be a defensive lineman. You will attend every practice and you will work hard in school. If you miss a practice, that’s it. I’m not going to waste my time or anyone else’s time teaching you the game if you’re not going to show up everyday. Deal?’ He nodded and said we had a deal. I never expected anything to come of this experiment. To say I have been pleasantly surprised with David’s progress would be a gross