SportsLife 2015, issue 3 - Page 11

those guys out. I love it when they’re not looking for my curve ball and I can drop it in on ‘em. Right now, I’m working on nine pitches. I have a fastball, curve ball, cutter, forkball, change up and slider and I’m working on three more pitches of my own. I’ll have my own pitches when I’m finished.” Unlike a lot of young Canadians, he plays hockey but it’s not his first sport. He’s a ball player and he pretty much guarantees that he’ll play baseball for as long he possibly can. “I want to take baseball as far as I can,” Racette said. “I play hockey in the winter but I’m not as competitive with hockey as I am with baseball. I’m a baseball player.” l Sports Injury? CALL DR. RUTHERFORD CHIROPRACTOR 3680 Roblin Boulevard Winnipeg 204-421-9101 Bee Wellness For older adults an