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42 SportsUnion | NOVEMBER 2016 military Story You forget sometimes that they are just kids. Those same kids you see playing pickup football in the street; those same kids that are diving in leaves on a cool fall day. After all, you just see them as kids, even when they are 18 and ready to make their own decisions. In your mind, they will always be running through the leaves. By Matt Ondesko Managing Editor There are many different reasons why young men and women join the military. Some do it because they believe it was a calling. Others may join because there is a long line of family members who have been in the military. Whichever the reason may be, joining the military is a life-changing ex- perience. It isn’t made for everyone. Not everyone can deal with the constant beating down that happens in the beginning during basic training. Going through the rigors of basic training is more a shot at your mental fortitude than it is physical. Sure they put you through the rigors of training; the running daily, the pushups. But, mentally is where you need to be strong. You need to be tough upstairs when you are getting up every day at the crack of down. When they tell you you can’t talk to family for Getting the call to serve weeks. Basic training is to weed those individuals out that can’t handle the initial pressures that go with enlisting. When enlisting in the Navy four months ago, Connor Basinski knew exactly what he was getting in to. He comes from a long line of military family members who went through the exact same thing he was about to go through. “The biggest thing for me was being away from my family,” stated Basinski. “First couple weeks of boot camp I wasn’t able to talk to them. I wasn’t able to call them. My entire family is super close.” His dad, who was in the Army, and mom supported to his decision from day one. His decision to join wasn’t a knee jerk reaction. Basinski has been thinking about this since he was 12 years old. Since he knew college really wasn’t an option for him, Basinski wanted a different kind of challenge. “It was always a though in my mind since I was a little kid,” stated Basinski. “Through the years I always thought about it, my dad was in the Army. I kind of wanted to live up to his boots. I just knew college wasn’t the thing for me, so that’s why I joined the Navy.” Before he decided to join up and serve his country, Basinski was a standout for the Eden High School volleyball team. If the name sounds familiar it should. Basinski has a brother and sister who are both going through the volleyball factory at Eden. Eden is known for its powerhouse volleyball teams and Basinski had the opportunity to learn from the best. But, it wasn’t as cut and dry as you may think. Basinski wasn’t really into the sport when his mom first put him in to it. It took a little while for him to like the game. Once he did it wasn’t a different story. “My mom got me into volleyball when I was around 12-years old,” stated Basinski. “I didn’t want to go to