Sports Union November 2016 - Page 24

24 SportsUnion | NOVEMBER 2016 college Hockey As he walked up to the hollow doors of the United States Military Academy he knew it was a dream come true. By Matt Ondesko Managing Editor Since a young age Zach Evancho had dreamt of serving his country. He never had a connection to the military. He didn’t have any family members who served or were serving. This is just something that he wanted from a young age. So when he got the opportunity he took it. “It was kind of a thing that I just admired since I was growing up,” stated Evancho. “It was something that I always kind of had an interest in. Then once I got into contact here with coach it was just something that I just really became interested in.” Before he stepped on campus this summer at West Point he had to take a long journey to get there. Like most hockey players Evancho saw his career go from school to juniors to whatever you can imagine. He started his journey playing one year at Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School. After coach Pat Fisher left the program he took his hockey talents elsewhere. Everywhere he went he had the military in the back of his mind. He knew he could just up and join after school. But he had talent on the ice and was hoping that talent could take him places. His хЁѽѼ)eչѽݸݡɔ啐)ȁѡAѽ́ȁѡɕ͕ͽ̸ ЁЁЁ݅ͻeЁѡ)ɥЁЁȁ!Ё)ձѥɽٔ́)ͼ݅ѕѼ܁()M٥)!́ չ((