Sports Union November 2016 - Page 23

NOVEMBER 2016 | SportsUnion 23 The Andrew Maisano Leadership Award Sports Union is seeking nominations for the Andrew Maisano Leadership Award. Maisano played many sports while attending St. Francis High School - excelling in lacrosse. His outstanding grades, and success on the lacrosse field, landed him a chance to play Division I lacrosse at West Point. While at West Point, Maisano excelled in the classroom, on the field and in the community. Sports Union is looking for an outstanding high school athlete who excels in all the areas. Nominations will be taken throughout the 2016-17 school year with the award given out at the end of the lacrosse season. This is just not an award for lacrosse athletes, but for all student-athletes that excel in three areas: • Community Service • Athletics • Academics A committee is being formed and will go over all the nominations. Nominations will be due by the end of May 2017. Nominations should include a letter describing why this young man or woman deserves to win this award. It should include their GPA, community service and any other activities that make them the right person. Nominations should be sent to Matthew Ondesko at Enquired Commitment By Don Sassanelli, Retired U.S. Army One of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make One of the biggest steps you’ll ever take Hell this isn’t a step it’s a leap Having no idea where you’ll be next week It takes a special someone with courage unlimited Not a clue of how much must be contraibuted So when that time comes, on that exact day My soul will stand beside you; and for you I will pray Jimmy was a confident boy and very proud He always seemed to state his opinions out loud Constantly repeating, “I WILL be somebody, you will see” Then he made a choice and his parents agreed Feeling it was his duty to join the Army and serve He was batting 1000 until life threw him a curve Refusing to be down; walking with his head held high Called the ones that he loved and said, “good-bye” Jimmy fought with honor, promised his country to defend Giving it his all, right to the bitter end There wasn’t anyone that could match his abilities There isn’t anyone that could endure what he’s seen Driven with determination to be elite and succeed Yet unprepared for the trauma that he received Jimmy’s wounds were invisible; his life hit rock bottom Praised as a soldier; now seems to be forgotten Young men and women risk their lives every day Knowing that they might be put in harm’s way Leaving behind all their family and their friends Wondering when they can be with them again It’s really unexplainable all the qualities they possess Have you taken some time to thank your heroes yet? Oh Jimmy lived in solitude as his cry for help was denied Left a note saying he’s sorry; then committed suicide So be grateful for your freedom; commend who contributed to it Soldiers are the very reason that we’re all so fortunate I thank you all every day and I’m always thinking about the ones that are active. Respect!!!