Sports Union November 2016 - Page 20

20 SportsUnion | NOVEMBER 2016 college Hockey When you think of hockey at West Point thoughts quickly turn to the name Riley. After all there has been a Riley behind the bench since the 1950’s. Now when you think over Mercyhurst hockey a family name will pop up Riley. Jack Riley is keeping the tradition alive – just down the I90 in Erie, Pa. By Matt Ondesko Managing Editor “It just overwhelming at time to think about all the tradition that’s at West Point. With my grandfather in 1950 then my uncle and now my dad. It’s kind of cool to think back that the only thing Army hockey has ever known is a Riley – Mercyhurst junior Jack Riley. Tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way. Tradition is a double-edge sword. It can be a good thing or scary. To follow in the tradition of others could put a lot of weight on shoulders of people who can’t handle it. Some, however, thrive on it. They love to follow in the legacy that was forged before them. They use it as motivation to add to the past or start their own legacy. It’s a way of being your self. Showing people that you are your own individual while still cherishing the past. Mercyhur Ё݅ɐ)I䁭́ЁɅѥ!)́ɽ́́)丁!́ɅѡȰ))ѡTL=)ѕѼ)!ͼ݅́ѡ)ɵ丁%Ёѡɔ́ɽ)ɅѥIé)ѡ丁 ͥ́́ɅѡȰ́չѠ)ٔȁɔ)Ё]ЁAи)]ЁAЁ́%ӊéȁI䁅Ё])AЁ́-䁥́5̴()1((0