Sports Union November 2016 - Page 15

In addition to winning the starting spot as a freshman, Janiszewski was chosen for the all SUNYAC third team. As a freshman she was surprised to just be starting, let alone being selected to be on an all SUNYAC team. “It was an unbelievable honor,” stated Janiszewski about being selected for all SUNYAC third team. “Here I am, going up against some of the best players I’ve ever played against. It was really an honor for me.” Janiszewski gives the credit of her success to her family and friends. She considers herself to be a very heavily mental player. Her family and friends keep her head in NOVEMBER 2016 | SportsUnion the right place to continue playing like she can. “Number one is my family and my friends. They are always supporting me,” stated Janiszewski. “When I have a bad game, my friends are always supporting me, they’re always encouraging me and saying, ‘hey, it’s not your fault; there’s always next time. You’re ok.’” With Janiszewski being such a mental player, she sometimes struggles with confidence. If she can play with confidence she can play great. “When I’m more confident, I play better,” said Janiszewski. “Honestly I just give myself selftalk. I say to myself, ‘I’ll save this next ball, I’ll do well this game, I’m not 15 going to let a goal in this game.’” Janiszewski knows she need to stay mentally tough during every game. Any negativity can impact the way she plays. As a sophomore now, she feels she has drastically improved in this department. “The amount of progress from freshman year to know, the amount of progress with my confidence has increased tremendously because I realized I need to be confident in how I can play,” stated Janiszewski. “Every single practice, all of the extra work I do off the field, I can see that it’s all paying off. It’s not for nothing.”