Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 50

Arkley Golf Club FOLLOW US ONLINE If you’re an experienced golfer, then just pop into our pro shop or office for a chat and get out on the course. There’s no waiting around for a tee time at Arkley. We have a justifiable reputation for being a very friendly and inclusive club. We are run by our members so if you’re someone who likes to be involved we have various committees you can join so you really feel like you’re part of something. SIP: Could you tell us more about the Big Pub Challenge? WL: We run several events throughout the year where non- members can play in competitions, one of which is the Big Pub Challenge on Friday 9th March. Local pubs and sports clubs enter teams of four; it’s enormous fun, very relaxed and a great way for players who aren’t necessarily members of a golf club to experience competitive golf and a club environment. SIP: What do you believe could be some of the biggest challenges the club may face in the next five years? WL: In common with many golf clubs, the greatest challenge we face is ageing membership. We are addressing this by offering graduated membership rates to attract younger golfers and those who might not have time to play 18 holes. As a 9-hole course, with 18 tees, we are uniquely placed to offer fast and flexible golf to suit modern lifestyles. In fact the layout of our course means you can play 5, 9 or 14 holes and be back at the club house. Tanya and Kevin Wilson of Wilson Heating told us, “We’ve sponsored the first hole for quite a while now. My parents played at the club and I’ve been involved since I was about five so that connection has always been there. My The impact of climate change must not be underestimated. As our winters grow wetter, warmer and windier, our course managers are adapting the way they manage the course to keep it open and playable for as many days as possible throughout the year. SIP: What are the clubs ambitions for the next five years? WL: To increase our profile, grow our membership, get more women and juniors playing, and respond to the changing needs of the modern golfer. children, Todd and Chloe both play and Chloe also works in the pro-shop. The ladies team won the Hertfordshire League and I have to say that it really is an amazing club that I am proud to be associated with.” BASED IN THE NORTH LONDON AREA 50 Issue 17