Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 42

Exmouth Exmouth Rugby Football Club E xmouth RFC does a fantastic job of providing people from their local community with the opportunity to play the game in a safe and enjoyable environment. Rugby Club Magazine recently caught up with Club Representative Jon Hill to find out more about the good work they’ve been doing lately. He told us, “This season is my eighth at the club. I was first attracted by the level of rugby and its locality. Having coached a number of their players at Exeter College, where I also coach, I was well aware of the level of some of the players and the ambition and drive of the club. It is a lovely community club with some great people involved.” senior teams out in leagues each week, when lower level rugby seems to be dying off. We are really pushing our #OneClub ethos and the links between 1st, 2nd, 3rd XV and colts, as well as the youth teams is really strong. Only a couple of weeks ago a high number of 1st XV senior players gave up their Sunday’s to help coach a junior team and work with the junior coaches.” The Role 2017 “The most challenging thing is bridging the gap between levels 5 and level 4 of the rugby pyramid. National Two (South) \HY\\[H]BY[[YXH][Y]YB^X\ۋH\\][Y\[H\H[X][\[H[H]H[]\\H[^H\K][\HX[\X[ܛ[Y[]\]\HۙH[HY^B[[\H]H^HY\[\[][]H]][[^\YH\ H[]\[[\YBH^Y\X[H^H[H[\BوHX][\[[܈X[\›]XX]\^K[[[[\[Hو[^Y\]BYH\YH[[܈\[H]HX'H8'\XݙKH]HYH\قY[H\وˈ؝[\B\X\ۈ[][ۘ[Y&]ܚ›]\H[܈\]\X\ۋH]HYHX\ۘXHX\ۈ™]K[\ ]HX\ٝ[B\]Y[H]HܛYY]\[XYYKYX[[^H’[[Y[][\B'H\H[HX[HX[H][ۂ]H[ \X\[B]YYHHX]H\HۙHقۛHX[\[]ۈ][\ \YH Mš]H\]]]H^\\XXYZX[][\X\ۜ\Y[H\K'B N'H[[\H \X\ۈۙK[[ݙH[H]ۈ[[܈\YZ[[B^X\ۜ]H]HY[XH˜\]H[H\[H]HY[]HX H\[&][Y[\\X\ۈZ[]][ KH]BۈH\]H[Y\˂H[ݙH[ݙH\\\H]\[XYYH]\[\ ܙ\H\[HوZ\XYYK\\Hۈ\BXXH[[وHY[][B\YHوH^]\YYY^B۝[YHZ\[وܛK]\[ZY^Y\]HY[[XY[