Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 37

MMA Total Combat MMA Total Combat MMA Total Combat Events has been running for over twenty years now and continues to provide people with an opportunity to compete in MMA. Sport in Profile Magazine recently caught up with their representative Peter McQueen to find out more about the work that they do. He told us, “I’ve been running events for just over twenty years now. It is getting harder to set up events now; I started MMA in the North East of England but lots of people have jumped on the bandwagon so there is a lot of competition now. We started the events because before then people had to travel to London to compete which wasn’t ideal. It has gradually grown from there.” “Total Combat Events have had people from all over the world competing in our events and that is important because it gives our home fighters the opportunity to test themselves. You can train all you want but people want to have the chance to compete and the safety side of things have improved greatly. “We have four events lined up for 2018 with one being held every three months. Initially we started with two events and have gradually expanded it from there. We host them at Spennymoor Leisure Centre and it really is a fantastic venue. Keeping the number of events down helps us to keep the quality of competition very high. “If anyone wants to get involved, I’d advise them to join a club and learn from there. If you’re interested come along to watch and get an idea of what it is about. As I say we have four events and anyone interested is more than welcome to come along. “We’ve recently held our 75th event. We rely on generating income from ticket sales and with how much competition there is one of the biggest challenges we face is generating additional revenue. We’re hoping to continue to generate interest – I started the events because I knew a lot of people that were training and wanted to compete so we’ll continue to try to provide that opportunity for as long as possible. “We want to carry on what we’re doing over the coming years to allow us to continue to grow. Our aim is to increase the exposure that we receive so that people can see the high level of competition we have here. Our events are really exciting and we’ll continue to put them on for people so that they can enjoy seeing high quality, competitive bouts.” Jason Wilson ROOFING All Aspect Of work Undertaken And Guaranteed Fo "&Rf&F6F7BW2FFsccC3#`3S363v66VB6Чwwr7'F&3