Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 30

Carlisle FOLLOW US ONLINE STYLISH, MODERN AND BEAUTIFUL TILES. At Ceramic Systems, our large purpose-built tile showroom as a vast array of Wall & Floor Tile Displays, creatively shown on large fixed displays to show the diversity in colour, style and texture available in Ceramic / Porcelain tiles, Mosaics and Glass tiles. Our fully trained & experienced staff are here to guide you through-out your purchase, advising on the suitability of tiling product, preparation of surfaces to be tiled, adhesives & grouts required and whether or not sealers or cleaners are required. Proud Sponsors of Carlisle Rugby Club T: 01228 403530 “My son played for the club from 11 to 18 years old and we’ve sponsored them for years now. I get along to home games and like to stay in touch with the guys. We always receive positive feedback about the club and would like to take this opportunity to wish them the best of luck for the future.” Randal, Ceramic Tile Systems E: W: 26 Kingstown Broadway, Kingstown Industrial Estate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 0HA Percival, an ex-club captain and current Director of Carigiet & Cowen, who are assessing the options available to us. They are currently in liaison with the RFU and Sport England to try and plot the best way forward with the finances we have and may be able to access through various grant schemes which we have looked at and enquired about. with some great people contact me on and I’ll gladly meet up with you to discuss how we can get you involved. SIP: How important is youth development to the club? BE: There’ll be many on and off the field challenges. On the field I think there is always the threat that clubs in higher leagues will look to poach your better players but that is part and parcel of the game at all levels of the sport. I for one have never had an issue with players wanting to play at the highest level possible, in fact I think that’s the way they should be. You just have to look at how far some of our players have gone in recent years like Chris Harris and Gary Graham at the Newcastle Falcons and Matt Shields at Edinburgh to see the rewards that can be gained from testing yourself and trying to be the best you can be. Off the field, the biggest challenge will be the new facility plan. We have to get it right at the planning stage, which is where we are now, and we have to have the support of the local business community if we are going to make a success of it and raise the required funds to make it a reality. What I would say to our members and the local community who use us, is be patient on this one. It won’t happen overnight but we have an excellent team of local professionals working together to layout the most suitable option for us. BE: It’s hugely important, and not only for the club’s future prospects but for all of the youth players who play at the club. I’m a huge believer that Rugby teaches you some great values at a young age, values which will stay with you throughout life like Respect, Teamwork and Discipline. When players do come all the way through and progress to senior rugby it’s absolutely fantastic too. Out of our current 1st XV only one of our regular players didn’t come through our youth section which says so much for all the hard work the youth coaches, volunteers and team managers put in. SIP: Would you consider yours to be a community club? BE: Undoubtedly, with the amount of youth players, local community groups and Carlisle United fans that use our facilities it would be hard for anyone to argue that we aren’t the most established community sports club in the city. In addition to the above mentioned groups we also have a great relationship with the Carlisle Squash Club who are another great community club who again use our facilities because of the strong ties between our two clubs. SIP: Have you any advice for people interested in getting involved in the club? BE: Yeah, if ԁٔѕɕЁѥձȁɕݡѡ)ЁѕȁٕЁаչɅͥ)ͽͥ͡ѡɅ䁅݅ЁѼɥ)ѡЁɕݡЁЁ٥ݡո(%Ք؀)M%@]Ёԁٔձͽѡ)́ѡՈ䁙ѡЁٔ啅)M%@]ЁɔѡՉ́ѥ́ȁѡЁٔ啅) ]eٔѼٔѡՔȁѼ1ٕ)՝䁅ٔȁ܁ѥ́ȁѡ)͕ͽѡЁٕݔɕݥٕٔ)ͽѡձ䁝ɕи%ѥѼѡЁ$݅Ё́ѼѥՔ)Ѽѡ݅ɴ٥ѥՈѡЁ$չ܁ݡ)хЁ݅ЁѼѥ