Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 29

Carlisle ruined I got to oversee a huge transition in a short space of time. The clubhouse was completely reinstated with the help of local contractors and volunteers who were organised up by a truly inspirational volunteer of ours, Barry Israel. There were many other helpers involved, far too many to mention but we will always be grateful for the time they spent putting the club back together again. SIP: How’s the general mood down at the club at the moment? BE: It’s very positive, we have a thriving youth section with around 250 children playing weekly rugby, a growing women’s section and two men’s sides who are competitive. The first team gained promotion last season and the step us is noticeable to all of the lads who have played this year. I honestly believe that after a season in Level 6 the team will settle, get to grips with the standard and what is required to finish games off and we’ll be up at the top end of the table rather than being in the middle. SIP: How would you say 2017 has gone for the club? BE: Amazingly well, as I said we’ve re-instated the clubhouse, the 1st XV won a league and cup double for the first time in our history, the under 18’s won the county cup and the number of local companies who have come on board to help us recover financially from the devastating floods in December 2015 has been overwhelming. Special thank you’s must go to a number of sponsors who have made significant contributions in the last two years in return for various sponsorship packages; these include BPK, PK Engineering, Premier Electrical, Thomas Graham, Lakeland Minerals, SBS Cumbria, Carr’s Group Ltd, Ceramic Tile Systems and WM Coulthard. SIP: What are your plans for 2018? BE: The club’s main goal is to establish a new clubhouse facility which is flood resilient and will safeguard our facilities against the scenarios of a repeat of the 2005 and 2015 floods which completely ruined our club. At the moment, we have a Clubhouse Ste ɥɽݡ́ɕIɐ)ɥ̃LAɽՐѼЁ ɱͱI )ɥ́́ɽх͡ɕѥ͡ݥѠ ɱͱ)I ݥѠɝյȁɕЁ́她ЁѡՈ)Mչ̰ѥձɱ䁥ѡչȁɽ̸5́Ѽ)ѥՔѡȁͽѥݥѠ ɱͱI ѕȁ٥M)ѡɕЀЁaXՅѡɔɔ䁙ɵȁɥ́!)]ɥа)͠ɕ݅͡ѕȰ5 )́I))Iͽ5ѡ܁5а5ɬѕȁQAɍم=ٕ)MѠ)QɕЁɕͥЁѡՈ5ѥAյȰ́ͼ)䁽ɥ́ͥɕɕ́ѡMéI՝䁙ɕ)Mɑ丁Q՝䁍Ոѕɽ٥ѥэ́ȁѡ)MѼ͔́ݕ́ѡхѡȁՅߊéѽɹа)ݡɅ̀ԁѡȁ͍́ɽɽ́ѡչ䁅役)%ɕɸѥɥ́́ѡɔȁѡՈݡѡ)ɥɕЁɽ٥ѡ͔ѡȁɼɘ)э́ɥѡЁѥ)Q ɱͱ ́ѕMèЁaX䁅Յ)Ёѡȁͥɱ͕ͽ͠ݡɅ́Ё)хѽ̸Ёх́ɽݡ݅́ɕѱ䁑ѕ)QɵȁɕͥЁ ɱͱI ѡѡȁ)ɕ)QѥɥϊdɕѽȁMи)M͡AɽɅ)]ɔ͕ѼȁḾM͡AɽɅѡ)͕́Ѽɕ͔ɕ݅ɐѡɥѥѼM)ɕɭ٥Յ̸)M͡䁉ݽѠѼѡՉ̸͡)ȁѡȁɵѥѡM͡AɽɅ)͔хЁѡͥ́=ȁ)ͥѥɥ̹լ)ܹѥ(