Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 27

Rebel Strength We now have approximately 120-150 pieces of equipment and clothing on our website, all handmade and bespoke to the customer’s requirements. We sell to UK customers and abroad, residential and commercial. We also lease/hire event equipment for various sports events around the country.” 2017 “2017 was an extremely busy for us, our brand is strong in the market, we have continually offered new products to the market and extended our offering to lease/hire. Towards the end of 2017 we gained more contacts within the commercial sector which will see the brand grow even more in 2018. Rebel Strength are extremely proud to be the top supplier of strongman/woman equipment in the UK. October saw the official opening of the Steel Warriors project. Rebel Strength helped make the first calisthenics gym in London. A unique concept idea, Steel Warriors’ initiative is to bring down the number of young people carrying knives in the UK by melting down confiscated/surrendered knives and using the steel to build calisthenics parks to benefit local communities.” 2018 “2018 promises to be equally as busy. We have a new line of commercial equipment to be launched and continue to provide the highest quality equipment, together with attending high profile events around the country.” Challenges/Ambitions “Our biggest challenges in the next five years will undoubtedly be keeping up with demand, increasing our customer database, maintaining and extending brand awareness and keeping our exemplary customer service. Ambitions for the next five years would definitely be to have our equipment in every gym in the UK/Europe. We would also hope to have heavy presence within the commercial sector.” 27