Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 23

Chesham PROUD TO SPONSOR CHESHAM RUGBY CLUB We are an independent professional design service offering specialised facilities to the plastic industry. Our principal client areas are Medical, Electrical Connectors, Consumer goods and Closures. Our aim is to provide primary services from the initial component concept through to production tooling. These services include: Paul Lofty of Jigsaw Mould Designs recently took the time to tell us more about his positive associtation with the club, saying, “I currently sponsor the club and my son plays for them. He started out playing at school and then some friends got him to come along and try it out. It is great to see the team doing so well at the moment and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish them the best of luck for the rest of the season.” • Product Design • DFM (Design for manufacture) • Moldflow analysis • Rapid prototype • Full three dimensional mould tool design • Contract engineering • Consultancy Call us today on 07881 788 074 25 The Ridings, Parkfield, Latimer, Bucks, United Kingdom, HP5 1UF senior set up. We’re always going to lose some players to university etc. so it is important to make sure you’ve got a lot of players coming through every year.” Bugby “We also run something called Bugby which is indoor rugby for three and four year olds. What we found was that a lot of parents have very young kids that can’t play rugby so my wife came up with the concept to introduce them to the game and develop core skills. That has led to a natural progression for the players and also encourages parents to get involved.” Challenges/Ambitions “Our next challenge will be getting settled into our new home. Now that we’re going to have this lovely facility we need to make sure that we run it well and retain that culture of being inclusive and welcoming. We have an opportunity to increase our profile with the better facilities that we have and we want to continue to contribute to the community that we’re part of. I think our first ambition for the coming years is to make sure that we’re financially secure. We need to get the basics right, settle into the new facility, stabilise our membership and then we can continue to invest in rugby. We also want to add a 3G pitch as that would allow us to offer rugby for a lot more people. I think the final thing is that we want to conti Ք)Ѽɽ܁ͥٔ٥ɽЁݡɔ)ѡȁ՝䁅Ёݡѕٕȁٕѡ)лt)ܹѥ(