Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 21

Droitwich Spa 2017 “There have definitely been more positives than negatives this season. The first team may have gone down but there are high hopes of an immediate return and there were still plenty of plus points such as Ash Fearnall scoring over 1,000 runs in addition to the seconds finishing as league winners. We have got some good youngsters coming through with eight players representing the county at various age groups including Jacey Foster, who turned out for the senior Worcestershire Rapids ladies team. Our junior section was buoyed by the ECB’s All Stars initiative, which brought more children and their parents to the club, whilst at the opposite end of the spectrum, we celebrated as Martin Woodward marked 50 years of playing for Droitwich – something we hope some of our youngsters will go on to repeat.” Marcus Mingins (Droitwich Standard). Visit to buy Commercial “As a club, we’re trying to involve ourselves more in the community to get our name in front of local residents and businesses. For example, with Heart of Worcestershire College, we’re trying to connect with both the students and their parents whilst with Gaudet Luce Golf Club, we’ve gained an association with a well-known location in Droitwich. Our aim is now to create mutually beneficial arrangements rather than just being able to offer advertisement opportunities to companies.” Marcus Mingins (Droitwich Standard). Visit to buy Challenges “The main challenge for the club is going to be the integration of all the youngsters coming through into senior cricket, keeping them in the game and at the club whilst nurturing their talent, which in turn, will help to improve our playing strength. Off-the-pitch, our focus will be on the redevelopment of our clubhouse and facilities which we see as another important factor in attracting new players to the club and safeguarding its future.” Ambitions “We woul Ѽхͽ)ͥЁɥ́ѽ݅ɑ́)Չ͔ȁȁЁ)ѥ丁=ѡݔ݅)ѼЁѡЁѕ٥ͥ)=́ͽ́ͥݡЁ)͔唁ѡ ɵ1Ք)ɕՍɔ́ݔѡɔمՅє)ݡɔݔ݅ЁѼɽѡɔ)5ɍ́5̀ɽݥMхɐ)YͥЁܹɽݥхɐլѼ)ЁѡͅѥݔݥѥՔ)ٕѡѠх)ȁѥѥٔͥ́Mɑ䁱Ք)ɥиѡɕѕѥ)Ѡչȁ͕ȁ̰ѡɔ)䁍ѥݡݔ䁡ٔѼ)ЁѡѥѠѕݡ)́ѡȁ́ѕɵ́)э́ɝͅѥЁݽձ)ͥѥٔͥѡЁѡՈ́ѥե)Ѽɥ͠t)ܹѥ(