Sport In Profile UK Issue 17 - Page 26

Rebel Strength FOLLOW US ONLINE Rebel Strength Rebel Strength designs and manufactures high quality, fitness and gym equipment to suit all needs and abilities. Their Group Marketing and Events Manager, Jody Edmondson, recently took the time to tell us more. The Beginning “Rebel Strength began as a hobby and then as a start-up business in January 2015. Managing Director, Andy Wilby, originally began by making his own equipment in his lunchtimes as a welder at the time. Andy had a passion for training with good quality equipment himself and found a large gap in the market for high-end equipment. Word got out and 26 Issue 16 17 the response initially from friends and colleagues was overwhelming, hence the start of the Rebel Strength journey.” Quality “We love to produce top standard equipment that can be used at all fitness levels and features/used regularly at events across the country as well as a number of televised appearances of our equipment. The real challenges in the market are coming up with new, innovative designs and of course, keeping up with the huge demand we are experiencing!” Choice “Rebel Strength are passionate about offering top quality equipment and service to all sport disciplines such as strongman/woman, rugby; boxing; cross fit; powerlifting and calisthenics.