Sport In Profile UK Issue 16 - Page 34

Clarence FOLLOW US ONLINE Clarence BowlS Club Formed in 1907, Clarence Bowling Club is situated just off the seafront in Clarence Park Weston-super Mare. Membership from the clubs inception rose rapidly, and in 1926 Clarence Ladies Bowling Club was formed, followed in 1965 by Wessex Ladies Bowling Club. At the moment total membership is approximately 200. With a superb modern pavilion, three outside greens, an indoor rink, short mat facilities and a thriving social club plus new outdoor petanque area set in the picturesque Clarence Park the three clubs are the envy of many clubs in Somerset. In 2011, Tony Mannion was elected as the secretary of Clarence Men’s Bowling club and set about the task of discussing amalgamation with the Ladies Clubs - a very bold move when one considers a major change after over 100 years of individuality. To quote Tony, “The Bowling Clubs in the UK like many sports have been struggling to not only retain members but also 34 Issue 16 to increase membership. We have been fortunate with our aggressive recruitment campaigns to maintain our numbers and I felt that amalgamation was a natural progression to ensure the wonderful sport of Lawn Green Bowls continued at Clarence Park for the next 100 years”. In April of 2017, assisted by current President Mike Scoins, Clarence Men’s Bowling club amalgamated with Clarence Ladies; the main criteria is to establish and consolidate the coming together of the two clubs and prepare for an exciting future. The next five years will be a crucial time for many clubs with the aging population these changes will be beneficial to male and female bowlers alike under the one