Spiritual Badass Magazine April 2018 - Page 14

Times are changing. No longer is it weird, awkward or flawed to be a Sensitive. Sensitives are rising and,in a power-FULL new way. And I’m doing everything I can to get us there.

In my work, I have found Sensitives share a common theme –they want to make a difference.

They are the dreamers, the visionaries, the creatives,the sunshine-makers, the intuitives,the connectors –and –I believe they can change the world in a loving and positive way.

Problem: There are literally thousands of sensitives still struggling, walking around like ugly ducklings,wasting energy in self-doubt, feeling ashamed, hiding their sensitivity-when they should be standing tall, proud, living out in the openand sharing their gifts with the world.

They feel trapped, stuck,and as a result they are not showing up strong. They have big dreams but feel small.

Does that feel like you?

When you feel small, you get crushed. You live in lack and limitation, struggle to get by and you don’t create opportunities to make the impact you dream of.

It’s time to stop this crippling trend and represent!

I have met sensitives who don’t want to associate with the word sensitive or empath because they feel it makes them appear weak. Recently I met a woman who said with disgust “I HATE being sensitive, I’d give anything to make it go away”.

I cringed at her words. To not love who you are born to be, to

The Birth

Of A

Movement - Sensitives



By Nicole