Spectacular Magazine - August 2014 - Page 26

THIS IS YOUR LIFE LIFESTYLES By Del Mattioli CHAINED TOGETHER We can improve our health physically and mentally by giving back! Besides feeling good about yourself for doing something for others there is a “high” from helping others! Does anyone remember the days…when competition was honorable?...when people competed in the workplace to be the best?... when the children were so excited to get to school early to volunteer with decorating the bulletin boards, cleaning up their classrooms, laughing together in the cafeteria, playing outside until the school bell rung because getting to school early was so exciting to laugh with your friends? There were no iphones, ipads, ipods---it was a time for WE— not all “I’s”. WE had a chain that was not broken! Are we now a generation of “I’s”? Everyone does their own thing silently with minimum conversations and still checking the “I” at the same time! This action indicates not being connected with the moment. Everyone was so friendly and everyone felt a part of their team, family time, sitting together communicating, playing games that were interactive without us “I”—ing the you really didn’t meet a stranger. Growing up was fun—without all the “I” stuff. There were tight deadlines and everyone set attainable goals and did their work before play. The teachers could say any and everything to students and parents without feeling “they said something wrong”. They cared about the students as if they were their own children. Teachers today do care about our youth. We can do more to encourage all of our youth to respect, listen, follow instructions, be extra ordinary and volunteer to assist teachers, educators and leaders. One problem is lost communication with the teachers and the students. We can encourage our youth that we all can communicate, behave properly in the classrooms, disagree and deal with conflicting thoughts without rivalry. We must keep the chain linked together! Contact: Del Mattioli with information for Free Life Insurance (underwritten) to be used for educational purposes for our youth. Del Mattioli Del Mattioli, MBA, LUTCF, CLTC; Mattioli and Associates/Mass Mutual Financial Group, www. massmutual.com/lifebridge; Telephone: 919 -201-2404; email: delmattioli@gmail.com AUTHOR’S NEW BOOK HELPS READERS FIND HOPE AFTER THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE DURHAM, NC - What do you do when someone you love dies, and you are left behind to figure out the rest of your life? In her new book, Lessons From the Heart: How I Found Meaning For My Life From My Dying Mother, author Angie Steele shares the story of how she went from struggle to triumph after the death of her mother to colon cancer in 2007. Growing up in a small town in eastern North Carolina, Steele was a part of a close-knit family that shared everything, including a strong set of family values. So when faced with losing her mother, the woman responsible for creating that tightly-connected family culture, Steele realized she had some real soul searching to do in order to figure out the rest of her life. After her mother’s death, Steele began to journal about her feelings and what it all meant. During that process, Steele discovered that her mother had imparted to her everything she needed to continue life’s journey without her dearly beloved mother. In Lessons From the Heart Steele reflects on the relationship she enjoyed with her mother, a rich relationship that included the sharing of wisdom, life lessons, and lots of character building constructive criticism. Lessons From the Heart takes its readers on a heartfelt exploration of discovering the real purpose of their lives and the role their loved one played, all in an effort to help shore up the self belief and self confidence to successfully navigate the journey that lies before them. A