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COVER STORY BLACK MAN MURDERED BY COPS! AGAIN!! THIS MUST STOP!!! 29 Black People Have Been Killed by Police/Security Since Jan 2012: 16 Since Trayvon by Carl Dix Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown had graduated from High School in Ferguson, Missouri, a mostly Black small town just outside St. Louis, and was going to start college in August. But now he will be buried in August Walker in North Carolina, Darrick Collins in Georgia, Tyrone Brown in Maryland, and I could go on and on. Investigations, whether done by the local cops and district attorneys or the feds, aren’t going to do a thing about the way police brutalize and even murder people. They do it all the time and almost never get punished in any way. The authorities treat it like it’s part of their job description. THIS MUST STOP! IT MUST STOP NOW, AND IT’S UP TO US TO STOP IT! Immediately following Michael’s murder, people poured into the streets, outraged that the cops had stolen the life of another Black youth. Cops were called in from all the surrounding areas, some in riot gear and others with vicious dogs straining at their leashes. But far from suppressing people’s anger, it brought out even more rage. It has been reported that 20 police cars were damaged and some stores were broken into. The authorities and the media predictably tried because a murdering cop shot him eight times. Michael was walking in the street with a friend in the middle of the day when cops rolled up on them and ordered them out of the street and fired a shot when they kept walking. Michael and his friend ran, and the cop shot again, hitting Michael. Many witnesses say that Michael put his hands up, but the cop shot him again and again. Then the cops left his body laying on the ground for hours. GUN VIOLENCE AIMED AT BLACK MALES TRIGGERS CONCERN By Freddie Allen NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Several new studies confirm what most people have suspected all along: no group is harmed more by gun violence than young Black males. “While 13 percent of Americans are black, in 2010, 65 percent of gun murder victims between the ages of 15 and 24 were black,” revealed a report by the Center for American Progress (CAP). “Forty-two percent of the total gun deaths of individuals in this age group were of black males.” This trend has continued, the report noted, even as crime rates decline. Another report on gun violence by the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) mirrors the CAP findings. “Between 1963 and 2010, 59,265 Black children and teens were killed by guns – more than 17 times the recorded lynchings of Black people of all ages in the 86 years from 1882 to 1968.” The Children’s Defense Fund study also reported that, “Black males ages 15-19 were nearly 30 times more likely to die in a gun homicide than White males.” Yet another study on Black homicides in the United States by the Violence Policy Center, shows that 8 percent of Black homicide victims never reached their 19th birthday and the average age of Black homicide victims was just 30 years old. We’re told all the time that Black youth are in the situation they’re in because they make poor life choices or don’t take personal responsibility or because their parents don’t raise them right. This is pure Bull! Michael Brown had graduated from high school and was about to start college. His mother and father worked hard to make sure he had that opportunity. But now a killer cop, a front line enforcer for a system that has no future for the youth, has snatched all that away. But the numbers tell only part of the story. “More than 1 million years of potential life are lost due to gun deaths each year,” the CAP report found. “These are years of life that young people killed by guns would have achieved educational milestones, entered the workforce, had families, and contributed to the social, economic, and cultural advancement of society in untold ways – all erased by gunfire.” . THIS MUST STOP! IT MUST STOP NOW, AND IT’S UP TO US TO STOP IT! Michael Brown today, before that it was Eric Garner in NYC, Jonathan Ferrell and Derek Gun Violence CONTINUES ON PAGE 12 www.spectacularmag.com | August 2014 | SPECTACULAR MAGAZINE 11