Specials Monaco Grand Prix Historique - Page 8

AS GOOD AS IT GETS GOOD GUY RICHARD MICOUD OF THE ACM AND I OWE HIM ONE! Of course, as a photographer at heart, I wanted track-side access which was kindly given to me by Richard Micoud, ACM Communication & Media Manager, despite my very late application. Good guy Richard and I owe him one. So there I was in among the cars that ignited my passion for Formula 1 around 1973 as a lad. From then on I devoured everything about the sport. Thus it was great that the cars from 1973 to 1976 – no less than 43 of them – were the headline act on a sumptuous bill that included race cars from the pre-war era. But honestly anything before 1966 I know very little about, so my focus was to savour three classes during the course of the weekend which were Grand Prix Cars from 1961 to 1965, 1966 to 1972 and 1973 to 1976. All I can say is that I wallowed in pure bliss as I trudged up and down the pit lane and paddock, in qualifying I made my way to La Rascasse, Piscine and Tabac areas and then for the races it was Saint Devote for the start and then up the hill to Massenet and Casino. The GP Extreme yacht, where we ate and were kept well entertained by a myriad of the team’s associates, was anchored at the Chicane.