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S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G S E C T I O N PASSPORT TO WELLNESS LISTENING TO YOUR BODY CAN MAKE YOU HEALTHIER BY CAROL ANN DONNELLY Thinkstock image Inflammation in the body can occur as a result of many things, including diet and emotional stress. Listening to our bodies and becoming aware of how we physically feel after consuming certain foods or after a taxing encounter with the boss is a great indicator of how we can reduce inflammation and live healthier lives. T he debate on whether inflammation is good or bad has been argued by scientists for a very long time. The truth is inflammation can be both. The acute inflammation that happens when you twist your ankle is good inflammation. The ankle swells; it may become warm to the touch and painful. The symptoms may not feel very good, but the body has just done you a big favor. The pain and swelling the body caused made it difficult to bear weight, forcing you to stay off the ankle so it could heal. However, there are several diseases with chronic inflammation, including autoimmune diseases, diabetes and cancer. SPONSORS: “Cancer grows more when there is more inflammation in the body,” says Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD, a physician, nutritionist and medical director at the Ultra Wellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. Dr. Boham was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30 while she was in her medical residency training. She underwent the typical course of treatment—surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but she wondered about the cause. She had no family history, she exercised regularly and she had a very healthy diet. In fact, her undergraduate YOUR BODY continued on page 108 » ® RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY 107_114_Breast_Oct16.indd 107 l OCTOBER 2016 107 9/2/16 12:51 PM